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Pope emphasizes flexibility over rules for modern families

VATICAN CITY — In a sweeping document on family life that opened a door to divorced and civilly remarried Catholics, Pope Francis insisted Friday that church doctrine cannot be the final word in answering tricky moral questions and that Catholics must be guided by their own informed consciences.

Seeing holes in effort to bridge ‘word gap’ in poor children

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — When former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his foundation was awarding $5 million to launch Providence’s high-tech idea to improve the vocabularies of the city’s youngest children, he said he hoped the pilot could take root in Rhode Island and spread across the nation.

Schools find campaign talk conflicts with no-bullies message

BUFFALO, N.Y. Ryan Lysek rose to become vice-president of his fifth-grade class at Lorraine Academy in Buffalo, New York, after the sitting vice-president was ousted for saying things that went against the school’s anti-bullying rules. So the 10-year-old is a little puzzled that candidates running to lead the entire country can get away with name-calling and foul language.

Still barking, Uno remains most popular Westminster pooch

NEW YORK After all these years, Uno is still No. 1.

More than 2,700 dogs entered in the Westminster Kennel Club show that started Monday, with a couple of clear favourites. Rumor the German shepherd and Charlie the Skye terrier head the pack, and could be picked as the nation’s top pooch.

A borzoi, a shih tzu and bulldog took winning steps, too.