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’Good and Cheap’ cookbook for students, families on tight food budget

TORONTO — Thousands of people on a tight food budget have benefited from a thesis project by a former Edmonton resident.

Leanne Brown, who earned a master’s degree from New York University in food studies, wrote a cookbook targeted to low-income people and Food Stamps recipients that she made available for free.

Growing numbers of grizzly bears killing more Montana livestock this year than in all 2014

HELENA, Mon. — Growing numbers of grizzly bears venturing east from the Rocky Mountains are attacking more domestic cattle and sheep.

Montana’s livestock-loss program has reimbursed ranchers for 42 animals killed by grizzlies so far this year — eight more than in all of 2014, not counting the 22 cattle lost this year to bears that have not yet been claimed.

Authorities want to talk to man who donned bear costume and harassed bears in Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska State Troopers want to talk to a man believed to have donned a fairly realistic bear costume to harass a sow and two cubs.

The incident happened on the Chilkoot River near Haines, Alaska, on Monday. The bears are frequent visitors to a fish weir, where pink salmon are running.