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Louvre displays art looted by Nazis, hopes to find owners

PARIS — The Louvre Museum is putting 31 paintings on permanent display in an effort to find the rightful owners of works of art looted by Nazis during World War II.

The Paris museum says it’s opening two showrooms to display the paintings, which are among thousands of works of art looted by German forces in France between 1940 and 1945.

Stricter liquor rules give Lithuanians a severe hangover

VILNIUS, Lithuania — One of the heaviest drinking nations in the world is facing a severe hangover.

Lithuania’s new liquor law has increased the legal drinking age from 18 to 20, banned alcohol advertising, and drastically curtailed opening hours for liquor stores. The law, in effect since Jan. 1, has stirred major controversy in this Baltic nation of 2.9 million people.

Trumps offered gold toilet

NEW YORK—Donald and Melania Trump had a simple request: to borrow a Van Gogh painting from a New York museum for their White House private quarters.

Instead, the Washington Post reports the Guggenheim Museum's curator came up with a pointedly satirical counter-offer: a solid gold toilet used by visitors in a museum restroom until last August.

’Day Zero’: Water shut-off looms in South Africa’s Cape Town

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Long lines of South Africans collect water daily from a natural spring pipeline in an upscale suburb of Cape Town, illustrating the harsh impact of a drought that authorities say could force the closure of most taps in the country’s second largest city in just over two months, an occasion ominously known as “Day Zero.”

Finns to lobby EU for abolition of daylight saving time

COPENHAGEN — Finland says it will lobby for the abolition of daylight saving time within the European Union after more than 70,000 Finns signed a petition last year.

Anne Berner, Finland’s transportation and communications minister, said Friday on Twitter that the government’s goal “would be to abandon (the practice) in a uniform manner within the EU.”