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'Complicit' top word

NEW YORK— announced yesterday that “complicit” is the site's word of the year in a contentious 2017.

Site lexicographer Jane Solomon said numerous events, from politics to natural disasters, drove more people to look up “complicit” at particular times of the year.

Overall, she said, look-ups of the word increased nearly 300 percent over 2016.

Civil War bonds, ads found in mysterious Statehouse vault

CONCORD, N.H. — Civil War bonds, travel posters and other paperwork spanning a century of state history were among the long-forgotten artifacts found Monday in a mysterious Statehouse vault.

The 6-by-10-foot space is at the top of a narrow spiral staircase in a room that served as the state treasury in the 1800s and later as the Department of Motor Vehicles.

South Africa contestant wins Miss Universe title

LAS VEGAS—The woman representing South Africa won the Miss Universe crown yesterday.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, who recently earned a business management degree, was crowned during the event at The AXIS theatre at Planet Hollywood casino-resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

The runner-up was Miss Colombia Laura Gonzalez while the second runner-up was Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett.

Search for missing sub accelerates

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina—The round-the-clock international search for a submarine that has been lost in the South Atlantic for nine days is accelerating amid growing fears for its 44 crew members.

The Argentine navy says an explosion occurred near the time and place where the sub went missing on Nov. 15.

That's led some family members of the crew to give up hope of a rescue.

Wolves' return to Oregon brings conflict, opportunity

PORTLAND, Ore.—Wolves once were so plentiful in the abundant forests that would become Oregon that the earliest settlers gathered from far and wide to discuss how to kill them.

Those “wolf meetings” in the 1840s, spawned by a common interest, eventually led to the formation of the Oregon territory—the precursor for statehood in 1859.