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Couple finds WWII explosive device inside wall

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Fire officials say a World War II explosive device was found by a couple remodeling a Virginia home.

The Daily Press reports the couple remodeling the central Newport News home found the World War II explosive device inside a wall Monday night.

Official say the Newport News Fire Department, firefighters and police responded to the home around 8:45 p.m.

European space probe prepares to sniff Martian atmosphere

BERLIN—A European space probe has swung into position around Mars in preparation to analyze its atmosphere for possible signs of life.

The European Space Agency said Wednesday its Trace Gas Orbiter successfully performed a delicate manoeuvre known as aerobraking that involved dipping into the red planet's upper atmosphere to slow the probe.

Dinosaur unearthed in Egypt

MANSOURA, Egypt—A skeleton has been unearthed in Egypt's Western Desert, whose ancient sands long have helped preserve remains.

But unlike most finds, this one isn't a mummy—it's a dinosaur.

Researchers from Mansoura University, in the country's Nile Delta, discovered the new species of long-necked herbivore, which is around the size of a city bus.

Tearful student asks Trump, 'How do we not stop this?'

WASHINGTON—Spilling out wrenching tales of lost lives and stolen security, students and parents appealed to President Donald Trump to set politics aside and protect America's school children from the scourge of gun violence. Trump listened intently to the raw emotion and pledged action, including the possibility of arming teachers.