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After car hits Thai elephant, animal kills driver

BANGKOK — A man was killed by a wild elephant after his speeding car hit the animal near a national park in northeastern Thailand, police said Thursday.

Police Lt. Col. Kemchat Paedkaew said the accident occurred at dusk Wednesday on a small road that has signs telling drivers to beware of wild animals that sometimes stray from Khao Yai National Park.

Steer too beefy to become burgers reprieved to life on farm

LAKE PRESTON, Australia — Knickers the steer is huge on the internet ‚Äî for being huge.

The black-and-white Holstein Friesian won social media fame and many proclamations of “Holy Cow!” after photos surfaced of the 194-centimetre (6-foot-4-inch) steer standing head and shoulders above a herd of brown cattle in Western Australia state.

Anxiety abounds at NASA as Mars landing day arrives

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.—A NASA spacecraft's six-month journey to Mars neared its dramatic grand finale today in what scientists and engineers hoped would be a soft precision landing on flat red plains.

The InSight lander aimed for an afternoon touchdown as anxiety built among those involved in the $1-billion international effort.