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Rash of e-scooters accidents

Berlin police say in the three months since popular electric scooters have been allowed in the German capital, they've seen 74 accidents, 65 cases of drunken driving and 233 traffic violations.

Police said today spot checks of scooter drivers in the evening hours show they are “frequently intoxicated”—and are treated the same as drunken drivers of automobiles.

OxyContin maker negotiating settlement worth a reported $12B

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Purdue Pharma and the thousands of state and local governments suing the maker of OxyContin over the nation’s deadly opioid crisis are negotiating a $10 billion to $12 billion settlement under which the Sackler family would give up ownership of the company, according to published reports.

Teen registers people to vote while in line

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—A North Carolina teen has helped more than a dozen people who lined up to buy a chicken sandwich get the chance to line up at the polls.

News outlets report 17-year-old David Ledbetter says he registered 16 people to vote at a Popeye's restaurant in Charlotte on Saturday.

Many people have flocked to Popeye's nationwide to try the new menu item.