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Global leaders mull response to Paris attacks, but little indication of next steps

ANTALYA, Turkey Pressed for a strong answer to the Islamic State group’s assault on Paris, the world’s top industrial and developing nations are set to outline their co-ordinated response to what President Barack Obama has described as an “attack on the civilized world.”

Names, details of more victims emerge in Paris; mother and daughter were killed at Bataclan

A Chilean mother and her daughter, cut down in a concert hall while the daughter’s 5-year-old son survived. A young Italian woman, separated from her boyfriend and friends when the concert erupted in chaos. They were among the latest victims named as officials on Sunday continued the heavy task of identifying the 129 people killed in Friday night’s co-ordinated terrorist attacks in Paris.

’Hell:’ Survivors tell how famous Paris music venue became scene of terrorist bloodbath

PARIS There was a moment, just a moment when the concert hall was eerily quiet. The rock band had stopped playing, and people had dived to the floor after realizing the sudden explosions hadn’t been part of the show. Everything was silent.

US airstrike targets ‘Jihadi John’ from Islamic State slaying videos, his fate unclear

WASHINGTON A U.S. drone strike targeted a vehicle in Syria believed to be transporting the masked Islamic State militant known as “Jihadi John, according to American officials. Whether the strike killed the British man who appears in several videos depicting the beheadings of Western hostages was not known, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Friday.

South Koreans who worked as slaves at salt farm sue government, alleging negligence, inaction

SEOUL, Korea, Republic Of Eight men who had been held as slaves at South Korean salt farms for several years took the government to court on Friday for alleged negligence and police inaction they say largely caused and prolonged their ordeal.

Mormon LGBT policy change triggers widespread backlash among church members

SALT LAKE CITY New Mormon church rules targeting gay members and their children have triggered a firestorm of backlash from church members of all political backgrounds.

Mormon scholar Patrick Mason said the symbolism of targeting kids has riled up even conservative, orthodox Latter-day Saints who don’t usually get on the LGBT bandwagon or question church decisions.

Kremlin-controlled TV airs ‘secret’ plans for new submarine-launched nuclear torpedo

MOSCOW President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said plans for a new submarine-launched nuclear torpedo shown on Kremlin-controlled television were secret and should never have been aired.

NTV and Channel One showed a large document ‚Äî filmed over a military officer’s shoulder during a meeting with Putin ‚Äî with drawings and details of a weapons system called Status-6.