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Brussels attacks expose vulnerability of Europe’s cities

JERUSALEM — Despite the high death toll and dramatic scenes of destruction, this week’s attacks in Brussels appear to have been surprisingly easy to carry out, requiring little more than some careful preparation, a handful of motivated militants and ingredients that are readily available on store shelves.

NATO becomes a U.S. election issue as differences emerge between Clinton, Trump

WASHINGTON — The old NATO alliance has become an election issue in the U.S., as the two presidential front-runners have adopted clashing rhetoric over the organization to which Canada has long contributed.

The Republican favourite’s nationalist-populist policy mix includes skepticism about whether the U.S. gets much out of the military organization ‚Äî and whether it’s now obsolete.

Panama to inaugurate expanded canal in June

PANAMA CITY — Panama has set a June 26 date to inaugurate an expanded canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans following a multibillion-dollar expansion.

The $5.2 billion expansion was initially slated to be concluded in October 2014. But a string of work stoppages and disputes with the Italian conglomerate behind the expansion over cost overruns has led to repeated delays.

Decision time for California governor’s big water project

CLARKSBURG, Calif. — Atop a dirt levee his great-grandfather built in the 1800s to hold back California’s mightiest river, Northern California farmer Russell van Loben Sels looks out over the site of a new water project, one that would be the state’s most ambitious in a half-century.