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Police tackle rise in gambling “slaphouses” in California

WESTMINSTER, Calif. — On a quiet suburban California cul-de-sac where neighbours hang wind chimes and grow rose bushes, one three-bedroom house stood out. At night, dozens of cars swarmed outside. Groups of young women headed inside the fenced-off home dotted with security cameras. The next morning, the street was littered with syringes.

South China Sea ruling hailed as equalizing small countries

MANILA, Philippines — In one of the world’s most disputed waters, the puny Philippine navy doesn’t stand a chance against China’s flotilla of combat ships. So when diplomacy went nowhere and Beijing’s ships seized a disputed shoal and surrounded another reef, Filipino officials took a desperate step: They went to court.

AP FACT CHECK: Crime stats don’t back Trump’s dire view

WASHINGTON — In presenting himself as the “law and order” candidate for president, Donald Trump portrays a nation of lawlessness and disorder.

That grim picture may speak to the visceral fears of voters of a country “out of control,” as Trump put it. It does not, though, reflect a trend of declining crime that has been unfolding over 25 years.