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US screening of controversial Russian film ends in ruckus

WASHINGTON — A controversial documentary that claims that a Russian whistleblower whose death in prison had inspired a major U.S. human rights law was responsible for the very fraud he had accused Russian officials of perpetrating was shown in Washington on Monday, drawing harsh criticism from his supporters.

Iranian FM: soul-searching is needed to fight extremism

OSLO — The war on extremism is a global one, and finding solutions requires “a lot of soul-searching here in Europe,” Iran’s foreign minister said Tuesday.

Mohammad Javad Zarif said the most important first step is to figure out why some are attracted to “perverted ideologies of demigods who are financed by people looking for short-term gain at the expense of others.”

Britain prepares to mark queen’s official 90th birthday

LONDON — Bells rang in celebration from St. Paul’s Cathedral in London Friday to mark the start of the official celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday.

The queen’s milestone birthday is being marked with a three-day series of festivities that will include solemn religious events and street parties in many towns and cities.