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Restrictions eased on gay blood donors

OTTAWA—Health Canada is making it easier for gay men to give blood—so long as they have been celibate for one year.

Canadian Blood Services and Hema-Quebec now will be allowed to accept blood from men who have had sex with men as recently as one year ago.

“It’s certainly a step in the right direction,” federal Health minister Jane Philpott said yesterday.

Kids’ sleep guidelines spell out shut-eye guidance by age

CHICAGO — Parental warning: Don’t lose sleep over new guidelines on how much shut-eye your kids should be getting.

The recommendations range from up to 16 hours daily for babies to at least eight hours for teens. They come from a panel of experts and give parents fresh ammunition for when kids blame them for strict bedtimes.

High steaks: Exploring the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef

TORONTO — Shopping for steaks to grill and confused by the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef? And why is one more expensive?

A Toronto-based butcher who stocks 100 per cent grass-fed beef argues cows that graze on grass are healthier and their meat contains less fat than their counterparts eating grain or corn.

Take a hike: Forest bathing embraces healing properties of trees

TORONTO — It’s no secret that a walk in the woods can be great for boosting your mood.

But a burgeoning group of nature enthusiasts say it can do much more — including strengthen immunity, lower blood pressure, increase your ability to focus, and ultimately lower health-care costs if done regularly.