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Should pre-selecting a baby’s sex be allowed?

TORONTO American model and TV host Chrissy Teigen has faced criticism after disclosing her personal decision to hand-pick a female embryo during in-vitro fertilization.

The wife of singer-songwriter John Legend told People Magazine she was excited at the thought of seeing her husband with a little girl, adding that he “deserves that bond” and that “a boy will come along.”

Case paves way for assisted deaths

CALGARY—It’s not clear how many Canadians have applied to the courts for physician-assisted deaths, but some experts say the first case involving a terminally-ill Alberta woman has set an example for others who are bound to follow.

The Calgary woman, known only as “Ms. S” in court documents, was granted an exemption Monday to end her life with the help of two doctors in Vancouver.

US Zika case sparks questions about sex and mosquito germs

NEW YORK A sexually transmitted case of Zika in Texas has scientists scrambling to understand how much of a risk infection through sex is for the usually mosquito-spread illness.

Experts still stress that mosquitoes are the main culprit in the Zika epidemic menacing Latin America and looming over the United States.