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Microsoft Windows adapts as its business importance declines

For Microsoft, Windows is no longer a core business so much as a complement to the company’s other offerings.

The company still makes money from Windows, the computer operating system that helped catapult the Microsoft brand to success more than three decades ago. But Windows’ share of the business has shrunk.

US pecan growers seek to break out of the pie shell

FORT WORTH, Texas — The humble pecan is being rebranded as more than just pie.

Pecan growers and suppliers are hoping to sell U.S. consumers on the virtues of North America’s only native nut as a hedge against a potential trade war with China, the pecan’s largest export market.

The pecan industry is also trying to crack the fast-growing snack-food industry.

UK hopes former colonies can give trade boost after Brexit

LONDON — After decades of sidelining the Commonwealth as a relic of their imperial past, many in Britain are now promoting the group of ex-colonies as a ready-made market for what they hope to be the country’s buccaneering global business spirit after the exit from the European Union.

It’s unlikely to be that easy.

Telecom complaints commission says wireless contracts are the biggest irritation

OTTAWA — Canada’s telecom complaint commission says wireless service contracts continue to be a major irritation for consumers, who have raised concerns about agreements that were either misleading or lacking critical information about the terms.

The federal agency says it received 1,023 formal complaints about wireless contract terms from August to January.