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Valuable message


What will you remember about your prom night?

a). how good you looked, before your threw up on your date

b). nothing, you passed out before the dance even started

c). explaining to your parents why the police drove you home

d). it was the best night of your life and you didn’t need to drink to have fun

The above is part of a province-wide poster campaign now being spearheaded by the LCBO to heighten awareness of the pitfalls of under-age drinking and irresponsible alcohol consumption. And it’s a message we all should urge teens to take to heart.

But while this campaign is targeted specifically at prom night (which falls on June 9 for FFHS grads), it applies equally to graduation parties. Which is why efforts to resurrect the “chem-free” grad here deserve support.

Two local residents, Diane Noonan and Linda Steele, have stepped forward to help organize such a party, and they’ve already brainstormed a myriad of activities to keep things hopping. Certainly, they’re open to more suggestions, and no doubt more volunteers to help out.

Meanwhile, last Friday, Canada Safeway here got on board by putting up donation boxes at the checkouts to help raise money for the party. It’s an easy way for the community to lend its support.

The “chem-free” grad reinforces the valuable message to teens that you don’t have to drink—or use drugs—to have fun, which, ideally, is one they’ll carry with them throughout their lifetimes.

It also may ensure they have a lifetime to enjoy.

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