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Spirit of volunteerism alive and well


Twice this summer the community has come together to show the rest of North America that not only is the Rainy River district a great place to live, but a great place to come and visit.

Hundreds of residents volunteered and played host to people who came to the Fort Frances High School’s Millennium Reunion in early July.

Three weeks later, hundreds of volunteers played host to fishermen and spectators who came to Fort Frances to enjoy the sixth-annual Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship.

Again this year, residents learned that part of the excitement of the bass fishing tournament is their own participation in the event. And fisherman discovered that they again were welcomed back into the community

Jim Eulberg, the vice-president of the Minnesota Bass Federation, had volunteered his time to come from Minneapolis and begin the Casting Kids program in Fort Frances. The previous week, he had participated in the Bass Masters Classic in Chicago. He was amazed at all the activities being put on in the community for people of all ages during the tournament.

Most importantly he felt that the tournament generated more excitement and noise and enthusiasm than the Classic. And he attributed Fort Frances’s success to the participation of its volunteers

It is a tribute to the over 400 volunteers who made everything run smoothly. It is a tribute to the people of the Rainy River district who welcomed fishermen and their families into their homes and businesses.

Congratulations to everyone who have helped create these successful events!

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