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Sombre reminders


Their simple brick homes in ruins, residents of this Andean highland town began a painstaking process of cleaning up and rebuilding after a devastating weekend earthquake.

“We don’t have anything,” said Augustin Chuquimamani, mixing mortar and laying a fresh brick wall on his one-room house. “We don’t have a kitchen, we don’t even have metal sheets to make a roof.”

MANILA, Philippines (AP)—A rebel leader responsible for abducting dozens of hostages threatened today to carry out more killings and spread his violent Muslim separatist movement across Southeast Asia.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP)—Marking the 51st anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War, South Korean president Kim Dae-jung said yesterday his country and North Korea should sign a peace treaty to formally end the conflict.

The two Koreas remain in a state of conflict because their 1950-53 war ended in an uneasy armistice. Their border is the world’s most heavily-armed, with nearly two million troops posted on both sides.

BURNLEY, England (AP)—Riot police clashed with white and South Asian youths early today as violence flared for a second night in this tough northern town targeted by right-wing extremists.

About 200 youths from both communities hurled bricks and bottles, and several cars and shops were set alight. As a police helicopter circled overhead, police in riot gear moved in to separate gangs of whites and South Asian youths.

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala (AP)—Armed attackers believed to be former paramilitary fighters invaded a village in western Guatemala, burning dozens of homes, raping two women, and kidnapping children, neighbours and human rights activists said.

THE HAGUE (AP)—Prosecutors presented final arguments Tuesday against a Bosnian Serb general charged with genocide in Europe’s worst massacre of civilians since the Second World War.

Prosecutors say Radislav Krstic planned and led a week-long rampage against Muslims in Srebrenica, a UN-declared safe zone in Bosnia where they had been promised protection by peacekeepers. Thousands were killed.

JERUSALEM (AP)—Israel has arrested a Palestinian it said appeared in a photograph thrusting his bloodied hands out a window to show two Israeli soldiers had been slain by a mob.

Several Israeli newspapers ran two photos side-by-side Tuesday: the picture from the mob killing in Ramallah eight months ago and that of Aziz Salha, 20, raising his hands in a nearly identical pose, this time with his wrists manacled.

A few sombre reminders of why we all should be so thankful to call Canada our home.

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