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The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.


It’s been 80 years since the armistice was signed to end World War One—the so-called war to end all wars. Of course, it wasn’t. In fact, the world was engulfed in an even more deadly and destructive conflict just 21 years later.

Korea followed after that, then Vietnam and the Persian Gulf war. There also have been four wars in the Middle East between 1948 and 1972.

Still, it’s been a half-century since Canadians really have had to endure the true horrors of war—whether on the battlefield or back on the homefront. And with each passing year, it becomes harder and harder for the younger generations to realize just what sacrifices their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents made so we can live in freedom today.

To its credit, Fort Frances High School has come up with a unique—and moving—way of marking Remembrance Day to help its students grasp the full significance of this solemn occasion. Students at Alexander MacKenzie School also took part in ceremonies at the cenotaph here earlier this morning.

No doubt students across the district conducted activities around Remembrance Day this week.

Incorporating young people in Remembrance Day ceremonies is crucial if we, as people and as a country, are to remember the sacrifices of those before us. We must remember our history so we are not doomed to repeat it.

Lest we forget.

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