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Summer school expanded into high schools


Students who may need a little extra help in math and English could be seeing more of the classroom at both the elementary and secondary levels in July as the Rainy River District School Board is offering summer school.

“Grade seven/eight students can once again get language and mathematics support and this year, for the first time, language and mathematics support will be offered to grade nine/10 students as well,” Superintendent of Education Terry Ellwood said Monday.

“For grade nine/10, we’ll be preparing them for the reading and writing testing in October,” he noted. “It’s for those kids who need the extra support in reading and writing, as well as mathematics, so both areas are covered by the program.”

This will be the third year the board has held summer school.

“We have tracked the results of kids in summer school from the past two years, and in general, there’s been improvements,” said Ellwood.

Like last year, summer school will be in session July 3-27, with students getting 60 hours of instruction in 12 five-hour days (9 a.m.-2 p.m.).

“It will run three, four, or five days of the week, depending on the instructor,” said Ellwood.

Information on summer school went out to schools last week.

“If parents are interested, they should contact their school principals. If the information didn’t make it home, the schools will have it,” noted Ellwood, adding the deadline for enrolment is June 8.

Sites planned for summer school include Riverview (Rainy River), Donald Young (Emo), Robert Moore (Fort Frances), Rainy River High School, Atikokan High School, and Fort Frances High School.

“If the numbers warrant it, we’ll have it at each site,” said Ellwood, adding funding for summer school makes it necessary to have at least 10 students enrolled at each site.

“We have an allowance for transportation, and we will plan for it if it’s necessary. But again, this depends on the enrolment,” he stressed.

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