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SCAP concert raises $17,000


Last Thursday evening (May 4), the Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program presented an Easter concert, entitled “Amazing Grace,” to help raise money for their building.

The target is June 30 to make the final payment.

Mark Mast spoke on the progress SCAP has made in raising the necessary funds through various projects, including a car wash at Canadian Tire in Fort Frances earlier this month.

“It is with gratitude I congratulate the [students] on their perfect performance at tonight’s concert,” Mast added. “We have all appreciated their efforts on presenting a program of reflection and celebration of Christ Jesus’ death and resurrection.”

Teacher Kendal Olsen welcomed the audience and led in the opening prayer. Then the program opened with Dorothy Quibell directing the high school choir in “Ride on King Jesus,” “Amazing Love,” and “This is Love.”

They were accompanied by Cora VanSmeerdyk on piano, and Jodi Barker and Jon Barron on guitar.

Quibell then brought on the kindergarten, grade one and two class, who recited in unison 1 John 4 (v. 9-10). These youngsters also performed two musical numbers, “I’ve Got No Doubt” and “Alive Alive.”

Heidi Gerber, accompanied by pianist Yvonne Barron, led her grade three/four class in “Lest I Forget Gethsemane,” then the group recited John 20.

Staff member Mike McInerney, accompanied by his recorder, had students sing in French “Belle Fleur de Lis” (Beautiful Lily).

High school students presented two Easter choreographed arrangements to the delight of the audience, entitled “The Hammer,” by Ray Boltz, and “Feel the Nails” to the music, “Holy is The Lord.”

Heidi Gerber and Yvonne Barron led the grades six-eight students in singing “Dona Nobis Pacem” (Give to Us Peace) and “Call It Love.” They concluded in choral speaking (an excerpt from Revelation 1).

During the offering, students assembled to conclude this awesome program by singing two more selections, “And Can It Be” and “We Will Glorify.”

After the program, everyone was invited to the Fellowship Hall for refreshments. At this time, Mast announced the offering came to $17,002.00, which will be designed for the building fund.

When asked how much is left in the fundraising project, he replied, “Just a little bit left to make up the target of $150,000.”

Mast thanked everyone for their prayers and financial support.

In other news, the local Christian Parents’ Association’ video library presently is located at the Rainy River Evangelical Church. A number of new titles has been added to the shelves

Each of the four toy libraries in the district also received copies of “Dare to Discipline” and “Parenting Isn’t for Cowards” from the CPA, and a children’s book, “The Very First Easter,” was donated to the public libraries.

A reminder the “March for Jesus” 2000 is slated for Saturday, June 10 in Fort Frances.

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