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Numbers nearly double for spring cattle sale


Volume is way up for the Rainy River Cattlemen Association’s spring sale Saturday in Stratton, with numbers up by about 400 head from last year.

Cattle start arriving at the sales yard Friday, with the sale starting at 9:30 a.m. the next day.

Russell Richards Jr., manager of the sales yard, said the numbers have gone well beyond his expectations, especially considering the RRCA only revived its spring sale last year.

“It looks like we’re going to have awful close to 900 head,” he said, adding he only hoped to attract 800.

“This is very good considering the way the feed conditions were last fall,” Richards continued, noting he expected most cattlemen would have sold much of their livestock before winter to extend feed supplies.

“But we had a good, mild winter,” he remarked. “Consequently, that’s what did it. Everybody’s cattle turned out well.”

RRCA president Peter Spuzak gave Richards a lot of credit for rounding up the cattle for the spring sale.

“The kind of legwork the manager is doing, plus the good reaction to the last couple of sales, has put a good attitude towards the sales yard [in Stratton],” he said.

“Cattle are leaving here all the time,” Spuzak added. “We just managed to corner some of those cattle going to leave. I think Russell has tapped into that, which is good.”

Richards also does a good job bringing buyers to the sale, Spuzak said. And the quality of the cattle seems to have them impressed enough to keep the prices high.

“Another thing that’s part of [the sale’s success] is the feeders’ finance program,” he remarked. “I think there are larger numbers of cattle farmed because of that, which causes a lot of spin-off.

“I think it’s a bright note,” he added. “I think it’s quite exciting to have a second sale close to 1,000 head.”

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