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Fire hazard drops


With more rain falling across the Northwest Region, the forest fire hazard has dropped to “low” in all districts.

The hazard may rise to “moderate” in the far north with temporary clearing of weather on the weekend.

But more rain is in the long-range forecast, so things are expected to remain quiet.

Meanwhile, after a sustained attack on Red Lake Fire #31, it has been declared “being held” at just over 18,550 hectares in size.

Firefighters in divisions around the fire are patrolling for hot spots, but fewer and fewer are being mapped through infrared scanning.

Firefighters also are cleaning up empty fire line camps while a number of crews are going home after long days of challenging work on this blaze.

Other crews remain to retrieve fire hose from the fire line, as well as other forest fire suppression equipment.

Values protection sprinklers have been removed from values no longer at risk.

The Incident Management Team is preparing to transition out in the next few days to hand management of the fire back to the Red Lake Fire Management Headquarters.

This includes demobilizing of the support structure that was set up at the Bak Lake fire base.

This fire will require ongoing work, however, with the best test of the lines being clear weather to see if there are any flare-ups.

More rain is in the forecast at this point, however.

In other news, an island fire in Red Lake District that was reported two days ago was investigated yesterday.

Bad weather prevented fire crews from attending this blaze.

They reached the fire yesterday and a few “smokes” were observed.

It is now “out.”

Some 37 fires remain listed as “active” in the Northwest Region. Of these, 32 are “being observed,” three are “under control,” and two are classed as “being held.”

This brings the total number of fires since April 1 to 272, burning an area of 41,587.8 hectares.

Report forest fires by calling 310-FIRE (3473).

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