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Crossroads stages first science fair


Science isn’t something that interests me a great deal but when I walked into the first Crossroads science fair last Wednesday afternoon, I was absolutely amazed at the projects.

Students in grades four-eight had entered the science fair, which meant about 125 projects that had to be viewed and judged.

Thank goodness I wasn’t a judge because after talking to the “honourable judges” Deb Cornell, Len Larocque, Darla Solomon, Brian Love, and Colleen Smith, they shared what a tough job it was.

In fact, the judging took an hour longer than they had anticipated.

But by 3 p.m., just before the students had to leave for home, the winners were announced. They included:

•Grade four 1. Kelsey McLean (what keeps apples from browning) 2. Jon Rogowsky (comparing window cleaners) 3. Josh Rogowsky (how to keep mold from cheese);

Honourable mention—David Donaldson (buoyancy).

•Grade five—1. Jeremy Caul 2. Jessica Smith 3. Ryan Smith (all grade five students made bubble makers).

•Grade six—1. Nicole Kennett (plant food) 2. Whyatt Huges (optical illusions) 3. Kevin Empey (comparing tapes) and Tristan Dubuc (bionics).

•Grade seven—1. Rebecca Cornell (moldie oldies cheese) 2. Amy Saunders (show fleas) 3. Courtney Beadle (comparing paper towels).

•Grade eight—1. Jason Empey (direct current electric motor) 2. Erin Woodgate (frozen liquids) 3. Carley McCormick (the popcorn prediction) and Allysia McTavish (testing laundry detergent).

The above projects were great but there were many other extraordinary projects. Love said all participants were winners.

The above mentioned students will compete in the district science fair to be hosted by Crossroads School on March 30. Be sure to take this event in even if you’re like me and science isn’t a big interest to you.

This was a great display and I want to congratulate each and every student, plus their teachers, for the imagination, intelligence, and interest demonstrated at your 2000 Science Fair.

I can’t wait for 2001!

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