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Area bush road closed


The Ministry of Natural Resources advises that due to the spring thaw and recent rain, Seine River has flooded a portion of Sapawe-Upsala Road, located 20 km east and six km north of Atikokan.

The ministry closed the road yesterday between the Premier Road junction, 12 km north of Highway 623, and Wilson Lake Road, located 35 km north of Highway 623.

Road re-opening will depend on Seine River water levels.

The public is asked to exercise caution when travelling on all forest access roads.

Water on roads, washouts, and heavy rutting pose a risk to traveller safety.

The public should avoid travelling on unfamiliar roads or crossing any submerged roads.

Barricades are erected at roads where known washouts or dangerous driving conditions have been observed.

The MNR and Rainy Lake Tribal Resource Management Inc. are monitoring forest resource access roads in the area to identify hazards.

No further road issues currently are identified.

To report a new or potential road washout, contact the MNR’s Atikokan area office at 1-807-597-5025.

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