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Workshop aimed at selling online


Whether they want to supplement sales from their storefront business or sell strictly online, entrepreneurs have a whole world of potential customers at their fingertips thanks to the Internet.

As such, the Rainy River Future Development Corp. and Northwest Business Centre is holding a three-hour workshop on how to sell and market products and services online next Thursday (March 13) at La Place Rendez-Vous here.

From 6-9 p.m., participants will learn about enhancing and maximizing their website, online security, cost-saving Internet marketing strategies, and a whole lot more.

RRFDC business investment officer Angela Halvorsen said the seminar will be conducted by Lyle Kirchner of the Northwest Business Centre of Kenora.

She added those entrepreneurs who have come to e-business seminars before still may want to check this one out as they each have featured different presenters—all of whom have offered different advice.

Halvorsen said the e-business seminars are getting more popular all the time. “People are starting to realize the importance of the Internet, and just how much it can be a tool,” she noted.

“We, here at RRFDC, try to reinforce to people that even if they have a storefront business, they can also have what we would call a ‘backdoor business,’ which would be the Internet-type business,” she added.

“As an example, there’s some people that have their really good sellers, but they also have those items of stock that don’t move so well,” she noted.

“Those items are, a lot of times, what people who are doing this can sell on e-Bay. Something that may not move here may sell very well elsewhere.

“It just gives them that extra opportunity to sell outside of their storefront,” she stressed.

Halvorsen said there’s also entrepreneurs who strictly are Internet-based, and they’re also welcome to attend next week’s seminar.

About 10 people had signed up as of yesterday, with seating being limited to about 30-35.

The registration fee is $10, and refreshments will be provided.

To register, call 274-3276 or e-mail Halvorsen at

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