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Soaring loonie weighs on Emo merchants


“I think we’re doing extremely well [financially] this year,” president Colleen Vennechenko said as she opened the Emo Chamber of Commerce meeting held Monday night at the Emo Inn.

“I don’t think we’ve been spending the money or doing the advertising that we’ve been doing in the past,” she noted. “But that’s something we definitely should be doing right now and in the future.”

The soaring loonie weighed heavily on the minds of the Chamber members Monday night as they discussed how to keep people shopping in Emo.

Ideas flew around the table in hopes of coming up with new and intriguing ones.

One main point that all seemed to agree on was the product warranties and better-educated consumer will make better choices.

When people purchase automobiles or other big-ticket items involving a warranty, they may not be aware that their purchases may not be under warranty should something go wrong despite what the salesperson tells them.

Even when it comes to purchasing gas, the money lost in Canada will have adverse consequences when it comes to the programs the gas taxes pay for.

It’s the domino effect. Not only does it effect one person or company, but lots of other companies and programs we are not aware of.

Advertising for Emo was another key issue up for discussion Monday night.

Although marketing on the Internet may take time to get the “shop-in-Emo” message across to people, the website must be updated.

Some new marketing ideas included “Finding Emo” (a spoof on the film “Finding Nemo”). A new and different message for Emo is in the works presently.

Emo’s great customer service was one of the key points the meeting had to offer. Incentives to shop in Emo included a discount proposal. For instances, if a person purchases an item or service at one store, they may receive a discount at another.

Another key issue that went across the table was that it doesn’t cost money to have good customer service, but it costs money if you don’t.

The budget for “Holly Daze” coming up on Nov. 30-Dec. 1 also was on the agenda Monday night.

The fireworks will be the same as last year’s cost ($1,000). A Santa suit also was purchased at a cost of $220 (all they need is the arrival of St. Nick himself).

There will be no gingerbread contest at the Emo Public Library this year due to fire department regulations regarding the number of people allowed in a room.

As well, the whole rink will be flooded this year for skaters in Emo.

Snow and chilly weather, which no one can order, would be a great thing to have as “Holly Daze” 2007 is about to unfold.

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