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Scrapping ‘Grow Bonds’ program panned


Local MPP Howard Hampton says the McGuinty Liberals’ decision to scrap the “Grow Bonds” program they created is proof they have no plan to help families in Northern Ontario.

In 2003, the McGuinty Liberals said grow bonds would help the north.

“We will support the Grow Bonds North initiative as a way for northerners to invest in their communities and help diversify the economy,” stated the 2003 Liberal True North platform.

Eight years later, and another Liberal promise out the window, the McGuinty government is eliminating its Northern Ontario Growth Plan Bond Corp.

It’s one of a series of government agencies that Liberals have decided are redundant after running them for eight years.

“Northerners are tired of being ignored by a government that makes empty promises while raising their hydro bills and slapping an unfair new tax on gasoline,” stressed Hampton.

“After eight long years, families are left shaking their heads,” he said.

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