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FI:RE conference to build on local trend


Labour market analysts say small businesses are growing in Kenora District. Statistics point to firms with five-nine employees showing the most growth.

“We need to keep that trend alive,” stressed Calista Livingston, co-ordinator of the FI:RE Conference 2008 coming up Oct. 2-3 in Dryden.

She cited current labour market trends in the district that build a strong case for attending the conference.

“Skills like financing and marketing small businesses are a key ingredient in helping entrepreneurship flourish, and that’s why we want to add to the level of expertise in the region by bringing in top-quality speakers who can help us capitalize on the trend.” Livingston explained.

She highlighted additional upbeat statistics from a September labour market report that offers encouragement to prospective entrepreneurs in both the Kenora and Rainy River districts:

•the majority of businesses are small;

•the most significant increases in the number of employees occurred in the financial and insurance sector, real estate, ambulatory health care, and crop production;

•industries with the highest employment growth were aboriginal public administration, organizations and associations, and local or regional government and social assistance;

•the largest industry in Kenora District is accommodation services, reflecting the importance of tourism to this region;

•specialty trade contractors accounted for 4.8 percent of total businesses in Rainy River District, with most of these being small operations;

•both districts have a slightly lower portion of people in the prime working age group compared to the provincial average; and

•there have been small, but positive changes at the local income levels.

These statistics are based on a labour market analysis report from Precision Management Catalysts in partnership with EDP Consulting.

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