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BIA looking at new banners


The Business Improvement Association will work with local artist Lindsay Hamilton to help freshen up the downtown decor with some new banners next year.

BIA chair Connie Cuthbertson said last week that it has retained Hamilton to work on designs for new, metal banners to replace the current cloth ones.

Cuthbertson explained the BIA currently has two sets of banners—snowflakes for winter and ones that say “Shop, Dine, Enjoy”—but these are showing signs of wear and tear and so the BIA is looking for a more long-lasting fix.

“It takes so much money every year to repair, replace, buy new, design new banners,” she remarked.

“There are some out in the big wise world that are made of metal, so you do them once and you leave them there and they last for years.

“We’re looking at that direction, and working with local artist Lindsay Hamilton to come up with ideas for designs,” Cuthbertson added.

“We want to add a little colour, a little interest [to the downtown area], and make it in a way that won’t have to be costing cash to repair every year or replace,” she later noted.

“We’re looking at long-term stuff.”

Cuthbertson said Hamilton is a young local artist, and is confident in her abilities to liven up the look of the downtown area.

“She’s got some great ideas, a fresh new outlook on things, and she’s young–she’s got vibrant ideas.”

Cuthbertson said the plan is for Hamilton to have the banner designs done by the end of March, and they’ll be installed by summer.

She added the BIA also will get Hamilton to repair the two existing murals on the sides of the CIBC and Masonic Lodge.

“They’re really not in that bad of shape, but the best thing to do is to keep it that way and not wait until you have to do a facelift on somebody,” she chuckled.

“Try to keep it looking fresh—that’s the key,” Cuthbertson stressed. “If you’re going to have a viable energy going around downtown, you don’t want to have it look a bit rundown.

“We’re trying to keep it as fresh as possible and interesting.”

She noted the BIA probably will have to get a bucket truck for Hamilton to work from as they won’t want to erect scaffolding on the sides of the buildings.

Looking further into the future, it’s possible the BIA will commission a new mural—depending on what spaces become available.

Cuthbertson said talk of a new mural is in early stages, but look promising.

“A lot of the designs that [Hamilton’s] coming up with are originating from a mural idea that she has, so it will all integrate eventually when it all gets put together in the long run,” she explained.

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