Saturday, April 25, 2015


Minnesota declares bird ’flu emergency

ST. PAUL, Minn.—Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton declared a peacetime state of emergency yesterday to fight a deadly form of bird ’flu that already has killed millions of birds in the country’s top turkey-producing state.

Woolly mammoth cloning close

TORONTO—Scientists have sequenced the near-complete genomes of two woolly mammoths that lived 40,000 years apart in different areas of Siberia, providing new insights into the species’ evolution and eventual extinction at the close of the Ice Age.

Famed kids’ entertainer dies

TORONTO—Lively children’s entertainer Lois Lilienstein of Sharon, Lois & Bram fame has died. She was 78.
Her son, David Lilienstein, said she died Wednesday at home in Toronto surrounded by friends and family.
She had a rare form of cancer, which was diagnosed last October.

Cool heist

OAKLAND PARK, Fla.—Deputies in Florida say a thief worked for 15 minutes to drag a cooler full of Good Humor ice cream past a sleeping clerk at a gas station near Fort Lauderdale.
Surveillance cameras captured a man walking up to the Oakland Park store at 4:09 a.m. on April 2 to find the clerk sleeping.

Province not slashing way to balance

TORONTO—Ontario’s path back into the black won’t include slashing and burning as the Liberal government believes it can eliminate its $10.9-billion deficit with a scalpel rather than a hatchet—a penny a beer bottle the only new tax to be introduced.

Ottawa to appeal Khadr bail ruling

Almost 13 years after American soldiers captured him as a grievously-wounded 15-year-old boy in Afghanistan, Omar Khadr found himself on the verge of his first taste of freedom today after a judge granted him bail.

Quake hits Haida Gwaii

QUEEN CHARLOTTE CITY, B.C.—Billy Yovanovich was about to rise from bed when his house started trembling from a powerful earthquake on B.C.’s north coast.
“I was just waking up and my dog, actually, I think heard it coming, and she started shuffling around,” he noted.
“It shook me up.”

Canada’s emission targets unlikely to match U.S.: Harper

WINNIPEG—Canada appears set to break a two-decades-long tradition of setting matching greenhouse gas reduction targets with the United States.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper said yesterday that new targets will be released next month—and likely will deviate from those recently set by the U.S.

Residence decision no accident

OTTAWA—Just days after he formally was sworn into the Senate in January, 2009, Mike Duffy took deliberate steps that ensured he would collect living expenses totalling some $81,000 over the next four years, court heard yesterday.

Expired drugs possibly lose their potency

TORONTO—The recall earlier this month of a batch of Alesse birth control pills sold past their expiry date has raised questions about whether it’s safe to take over-the-counter and prescription medications beyond their best-before marker—and just how long past?

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