Thursday, October 2, 2014


What lesson?

Dear sir:
Congratulations to Kiera Kowalski on a well-written article headlined “Fort High cafeteria not operating” [F.F. Times, Sept. 24].
It’s another example of the fine work of which Fort High students are capable.

Clarifying role

Dear editor:
The article headlined “Fort High cafeteria not operating” (F.F. Times, Sept. 24) contained one statement, in particular, that I feel the need to correct and clarify.
Contrary to information given to the co-op student who wrote the article, I did not opt out of continuing to manage the cafeteria. I was never a manager—I was a contractor there for 13 years.

Lofty thought

Dear Mike:
In two weeks we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in our country.
Families and friends will gather to share an attitude of gratitude for each other and for all we are so fortunate to enjoy.

Another blow

Dear editor:
For the last two years, I have had the pleasure of busing various Muskie athletic teams to sporting events around Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba, and Minnesota.
I have gotten to know many wonderful kids and coaches, and have enjoyed watching and cheering them on at their games.

Test alarms

Dear readers:
An important fire safety program is in place in Fort Frances and communities across Ontario throughout Fire Prevention Week (Oct. 5-11) and extending over the entire month.
I am writing to make all parents aware of the initiative and how they can help.

Much appreciated

Dear editor:
Having recently visited my siblings at their home in Rainy River, I cannot pass up an opportunity to publicly thank the staff who have worked very hard to make Riverview Manor a real “home” for the tenants fortunate enough to reside there.

Vote counts

Dear editor:
I just had to comment on the upcoming municipal election.
What a wonderful turnout of potential councillors! Decisions to run should not be made impulsively or lightly. Maybe this should be a clue to the existing mayor and council that people aren’t all that happy.

Do your part

Dear Mike:
I would like to congratulate and thank all of those who have stepped forward and chosen to let their names stand for office.
It takes courage to take such an active role in democracy.
This election is shaping up to be a very exciting contest (16 candidates running for council and three for mayor), with every position challenged and with strong candidates in the running.

Vote smart

Dear editor:
I am pleased to see so many people interested in running for town council.
To ensure that we elect the best people for these positions, voters need to know that though there are six councillors to vote into power, only vote for the people you actually want to see on council.
If you feel there are only three candidates that will do a proper job, then only vote for those three.

FASD awareness

Dear Mr. Editor:
We are writing this letter to bring awareness about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
FASD is an umbrella term that describes a range of disabilities that occur as a result of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
Consumption of alcohol is one of the most dangerous and harmful things a mother can do to her unborn child. If you’re having a drink, baby is, too.

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