Wednesday, July 29, 2015



Dear editor:
Wow, we really enjoyed the “Harmony of Nations” concert on Saturday.
Ashley MacIsaac was amazing. We also were impressed with the quality of all of the performances.
Great music, beautiful setting, and lots of fun. Looking forward to attending next year.
Kudos to the organizers.
Dennis and
Susan Forbes
Thunder Bay, Ont.

Sign needed

Dear editor:
The article in the Fort Frances Times regarding the work done on our behalf in the past interval—on the sandbagging effort and on the detour with the signage and instructions—is much appreciated!
We local taxpayers know how frustrating for tourists and strangers to find their way around and out.


Dear editor:
I’m writing to ask if someone can explain to me why horses were reported starving and dying on a farm west of Fort Frances in March and the O.S.P.C.A. and OPP have not done anything?
Just recently, horses were found dead on another farm—and both the O.S.P.C.A. and OPP confiscated the living ones and moved them.

Train safety concerns

Dear editor,
Wow! A big thank you and relief that no one was injured in the Barwick derailment this past Friday.
Maybe this is a good time again to hear and to express what and how people think and feel in the district in regards to the safety of our communities.
The concerns I have, especially in our towns, are nothing new and include the following:
•high speed;


Dear editor:
The picture in Monday’s Daily Bulletin, entitled “Depot mess,” has prompted me to respond to this same issue, which has been bothering me for some time.
I had planned on expressing my opinion in the “Cheers and Jeers” column, but this seems a more appropriate place to discuss my concerns.

Great job!

Dear Mike:
We had a great fireworks display this past Canada Day; they seem to get better every year.
But it doesn’t happen by itself so I would like to thank the volunteers who worked on this event and there are only a few.

District is ill-prepared

Dear Mike:
Currently, if you or a loved one requires the services of the police and/or paramedic service in Rainy River District, you need to just make the call.
However, if you require the fire and rescue service and make the call, there may be no fire and rescue service available to respond!


Dear editor:
Once again, major kudos to all those involved in the July 1st fireworks! They were magnificent, as usual.
It is truly amazing that a small community like ours can put on such a terrific display.
Watching them from our vantage point near The Harbourage was great.


Dear editor:
To the board and management of Riverside Health Care, I am writing this on behalf of myself and the staff at Rainycrest Long-Term Care.
In my 20 years of working here, I have not come across a better administrator than Mr. Darryl Galusha—and I am sure that everyone agrees with me.

Sincere thanks

Dear editor:
I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Emo Baptist Church and its members for honouring Randy and Brenda Cooke for their many years of dedication to the Municipality of Emo.
A special thanks was granted to Brenda Cooke for 35 years of dedicated service on helping enrich the community.
Emo Coun.
Ken Fisher

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