Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Lots of culture

Dear editor:
A big thank you to the board of directors, the ice show committee, and all those involved in the Border Skating Club’s “Canada Eh!”
It was a wonderful two hours of imaginative costumes, a well-decorated venue, and talent at all levels.

Any plans?

Dear editor:
This afternoon (Saturday, April 5), I was in my backyard with my dogs.
Looking at us from the bottom of the yard were 22 deer.
Do the town fathers have any plans in place to handle this?
Thank you,
Jane Trivers
Fort Frances, Ont.

Squeaky wheel

Dear Mr. Editor:
Never underestimate the power of prayer and publicity!
While phone calls and e-mails to got no results, sending them a copy of my letter published in last Wednesday’s Times achieved a rapid change of attitude.
A very gracious woman called to convey deep apologies and to advise me that her supervisor had approved a return credit to my Visa account.

Helping hands

Dear editor:
In the past, I have written several letters to the editor commending the Rainycrest staff members on their excellent care-giving capabilities.
But besides the large number of employees who work here at Rainycrest, there are several groups of individuals that also contribute to our care.

Support needed

Dear editor:
The Emo branch of the Navy League of Ontario is the operating body that works to financially support the 144 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Fort Frances.
The Sea Cadets is a program open to youths aged 12-18. We have cadets who reside from all over Rainy River District.

Wrong tack

Dear editor:
Whatever your beliefs are about the spring bear hunt pilot project, don’t expect to see any of the results promised by the government.
Denying the facts about this issue doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
Residents’ concerns about public safety and nuisance bear activity will not be addressed by a spring bear hunt as promised by Natural Resources minister David Orazietti.

So appreciative

Dear editor:
Over the past two months, I (Shaun) have had the opportunity to work with Mr. John Pierce on a project to highlight my dad, Dave “Zeke” Egan, and his life’s hockey accomplishments.
We, as a family, cannot thank Mr. Pierce enough for the countless e-mails, edits, office visits, etc. that he went through to make sure that our dad’s hockey life was represented so perfect.


Dear editor:
Three weeks ago, I noticed that my Canadian permanent resident card will expire in July of this year. I decided to apply for renewal promptly.
The folks at Service Canada in the post office building were once very helpful with this sort of thing, but now one has to apply online.
“It’s fairly straightforward,” I was told.

Clean-up woes

Dear editor:
I’m told the mill in Barwick has trouble getting wood and that Resolute has complete control of all our local Crown assets in the Crossroute Forest area.
If this is true, it would be wise to have all district councils seek to have representation with regards to the distribution of these district assets.

Restore access

Dear editor:
Please accept this open letter to Northern Development minister Michael Gravelle and Transportation and Infrastructure minister Glen Murray:
Honourable ministers,
Thank you very much for your concerns and your actions to ensure our roads are safe, and continue to strengthen our economy and create jobs.

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