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Maintenance Services
NO. 18-OF-01
Quotations are requested from experienced, reputable and certified
contractors for the above contract comprising of the following:
1. Electrical Maintenance 3. Heating & Ventilation Maintenance
2. Plumbing Maintenance 4. Carpentry Maintenance
Sealed proposals, in duplicate and clearly marked shall be
submitted to:
Doug Brown, Administrator
Town of Fort Frances
320 Portage Avenue
Fort Frances, Ontario P9A 3P9
R.F.Q. No. 18-OF-01
and must be received no later than:
Tuesday February 13, 2018 AT 2:00 P.M. (Local Time)
Proposals will be opened immediately thereafter in the Committee
Room of the Civic Centre.
Information and documents relating to this Request for Proposal, are
available at the Information Desk, Fort Frances Civic Centre, 320
Portage Avenue, Fort Frances, Ontario P9A 3P9. 807-274-5323.
Questions regarding this proposal must be directed to Doug Herr,
Environmental and Facilities Supt. at telephone (807) 274-9893,
Facsimile (807) 274-7360.
Lowest or any proposal not necessarily accepted. The Town
reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive
irregularities and informalities therein, and to award the Contract
in the best interest of the Town in its sole and unfettered discretion.
The accepted proposal must be approved by Council.