Saturday, August 1, 2015


Beijing selected to host 2022 Winter Olympics, defeating Almaty in IOC vote

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Beijing was selected Friday to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, defeating the bid from Almaty in a surprisingly close vote to become the first city awarded both the winter and summer games.

Searchers scour Reunion beaches in hopes of finding debris to unlock mystery of Flight 370

SAINT-ANDRE — Searchers scored Reunion’s shoreline for debris and investigators prepared to load a sea-encrusted wing fragment onto a plane bound for France on Friday to learn whether the aircraft remnant could help unlock the mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

2 Zimbabweans arrested, American being sought for killing of protected lion named Cecil

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwean police said Tuesday they are searching for an American who allegedly shot a well-known, protected lion known as Cecil with a crossbow in a killing that has outraged conservationists and others.

Boy Scouts of America end total ban on gay adults; church-run units can keep the exclusion

NEW YORK — The Boy Scouts of America on Monday ended its blanket ban on gay adult leaders while allowing church-sponsored Scout units to maintain the exclusion for religious reasons.

Obama: Kenya at a ‘crossroads’ between peril and promise, says country faces ‘tough choices’

NAIROBI, Kenya — Declaring Kenya at a “crossroads” between promise and peril, President Barack Obama on Sunday pressed the nation of his father’s birth to root out corruption, treat women and minorities as equal citizens, and take responsibility for its future.

3 dead in Louisiana movie theatre shooting, including gunman; 7 injured

LAFAYETTE, La. — A lone gunman sitting in a packed movie theatre stood up about 20 minutes into the showing of “Trainwreck” and began firing into the crowd, killing two and wounding at least nine others Thursday night before fatally shooting himself, authorities said.

Canada displeased with latest U.S. move in trade spat

WASHINGTON — The Canadian government isn’t satisfied by the latest step taken by U.S. lawmakers to avoid a continental trade war.
The government said a bill introduced Thursday in the U.S. Senate falls short of what would be required to avoid tariffs on American products.

Pfizer is expanding its vaccine portfolio, developing other shots to cover entire lifespan

Pfizer has expanded its research on vaccines to eventually safeguard people from cradle to grave, from shots for pregnant women to protect their babies from the moment of birth to vaccines for senior citizens with waning immune systems, company officials said Tuesday during a media briefing.

Librarian at Chinese university admits to replacing famous paintings with his own fakes

BEIJING — A former chief librarian at a Chinese university admitted in court Tuesday to stealing more than 140 paintings by grandmasters in a gallery under his watch and replacing them with fakes he painted himself.
For two years up until 2006, Xiao Yuan substituted famous works including landscapes and calligraphies in a gallery within the library of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

U.S, Cuba restore full diplomatic relations after more than 5 chilly decades

WASHINGTON — The United States and Cuba restored full diplomatic relations Monday after more than five decades of frosty relations rooted in the Cold War.

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