Thursday, May 28, 2015

Global News


Ducks weather late Hawks’ rally

ANAHEIM, Calif.—The Anaheim Ducks stumbled back to their dressing room after regulation in disbelief.
Jonathan Toews had just scored two improbable goals in 72 seconds, and Game 5 of the Western Conference final was headed into an overtime where everything seemed tilted toward Chicago.


Wooden Canadian National Railway bridge burns and collapses in Minnesota; busy route shut

INTERNATIONAL FALLS, Minn. — A wooden railroad bridge near Minnesota’s northern border has burned and collapsed, shutting a busy train route that connects the Pacific Coast with Chicago.
The bridge in Koochiching County belongs to Canadian National Railway. It carried more than 20 trains over the Rat Root River daily until it collapsed early Wednesday.


Llama back up for bid

VERNON, B.C.—An animal auctioneer says a llama that made a run for freedom before it was to be auctioned off in Armstrong, B.C. could use a home with a high fence.
Don Raffan of Valley Auction said the animal that he named “Bert” took off from the back of a pickup truck and spent a day on its own before being rounded up last week.


Apple, Android systems to turn Chevy dashboards into smartphones; other automakers to follow

DETROIT — By the end of the year, nearly every major automaker will begin offering Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto, two systems that effectively turn a car’s dashboard screen into a smartphone.

Health & Wellness

Cancer cases to rise 40% by 2030; aging population fuel increase: report

TORONTO — The annual number of new cancer diagnoses in Canada will increase by 40 per cent by 2030, the Canadian Cancer Society predicted in a report released Wednesday.
At first blush that projection seems alarming.
But the cancer society was quick to point out that demographics will fuel the increase, not a heightened risk in developing the disease.


Study says elephant numbers plunged in Mozambique due to poachers, but Uganda numbers are up

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Poachers slaughtering elephants in Mozambique cut their population almost in half from 2009 to last year, but in Uganda, elephant numbers are increasing as a result of anti-poaching measures, according to aerial surveys.


As telescope opposition boils over, some Native Hawaiians see science education opportunity

HONOLULU — Before going up to Mauna Kea’s summit on Hawaii’s Big Island, Heather Kaluna makes an offering to Poliahu, the snow goddess of the mountain. She holds it sacred, as do other Native Hawaiians.


NDP stalls end to teacher strikes

TORONTO—It will be several days before 70,000 Ontario high school students can return to class after the New Democrats yesterday delayed the passage of new legislation that would force striking teachers back to work.


Morel pickers poised for boreal bonanza in Northwest Territories.

Campgrounds are full and cars are lined up along a remote section of highway near Kakisa in the Northwest Territories as residents and southern workers gather for what they hope will be an epic harvest of a rare delicacy — the morel mushroom.