Friday, October 31, 2014

Global News


Saints need road wins

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints have to find a way to win on the road if they plan to take over first place in the NFC South.
That’s something they haven’t been able to do this season.
The Saints are 3-0 at home but 0-4 away from the Superdome entering tonight’s critical division game at Carolina (3-4-1).


Banks, credit card companies cutting rates charged to merchants, capping fees

OTTAWA — Canada’s major banks and credit card companies have reached a deal with the federal government to cut the fees charged to merchants for credit transactions, sources familiar with the negotiations say.
The voluntary agreement could mean cost savings for up to 700,000 large, medium-sized and small businesses across the country.


Kuwait gracious but uneasy host to Canadian warplanes

KUWAIT CITY—Canadian warplanes have taken up position in Kuwait—a country straining in its own way to hold back the tide of Islamic extremism from its borders.
The CF-18 jet fighters and CP-140 Aurora surveillance planes are expected to join a U.S.-led coalition’s bombing campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant within days.


Google is developing tiny particles that would search for problems in your bloodstream

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. — Google is working on a cancer-detecting pill in its latest effort to push the boundaries of technology.
Still in the experimental stage, the pill is packed with tiny magnetic particles, which can travel through a patient’s bloodstream, search for malignant cells and report their findings to a sensor on a wearable device.

Health & Wellness

Why do victims of sexual assault stay silent? No easy answer, say experts

A simple question, but without a simple answer when it is posed to sexual assault victims.
Experts agree that the reasons why sexual assault victims are often reluctant to step forward are myriad.
Mabel Athena is all too aware of the complexity surrounding the issue.


Global liquor giants gear up for next round of fight over Tennessee whiskey rules

NASHVILLE — The passage of several months since a heated legislative debate over the legal definition of Tennessee whiskey has done little to mellow the dispute between two global liquor giants and the growing number of craft distillers caught between them.


Not so scary now: New bones show mysterious dinosaur was really a goofy duckbill giant

WASHINGTON — Nearly 50 years ago, scientists found bones of two large, powerful dinosaur arms in Mongolia and figured they had discovered a fearsome critter with killer claws.
Now scientists have found the rest of the dinosaur and have new descriptions for it: goofy and weird.


Life goes on: bike ride, chores for nurse in standoff with Maine over Ebola precautions

FORT KENT, Maine — In between going on a bike ride and taking delivery of a pizza, nurse Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend did chores and watched a movie while state officials struggled to reach a compromise in a standoff that has become the nation’s most closely watched clash between personal freedom and fear of Ebola.


Trick or Eat volunteers collect non-perishable items on Halloween for food banks

TORONTO — As trick-or-treaters in search of sweets fan out in neighbourhoods across the country on Friday, volunteers in many communities will be going door-to-door to collect non-perishable donations for food banks.