Saturday, January 31, 2015

Global News


Soft goals extend Leafs’ skid

TORONTO—Jonathan Bernier lost sight of a harmless shot Oliver Ekman-Larsson let fly from the neutral zone and missed another that Martin Hanzal banked off his back from the goal-line.
With that, the Toronto Maple Leafs’ chances of ending their losing streak faded away.


Tim Hortons slices staff

TORONTO—About 350 employees lost their jobs at Tim Hortons this week in cuts focused mainly on the company’s headquarters and regional offices.
A spokeswoman told The Canadian Press yesterday that all affected employees had been notified and the layoffs were within commitments made to Industry Canada to maintain certain job levels.


Quest for four-legged snake

EDMONTON—Sometimes the best fossil hunting is done indoors.
The chance discovery of a misidentified fossil in a London museum has led a University of Alberta paleontologist to push back the date of the earliest-known snake by almost 70 million years—and has kicked off his quest for the first four-legged slitherer.


Study: Chances of a driver dying in a car crash plunged over 3 years

WASHINGTON — The chances of a driver dying in a crash in a late-model car or light truck fell by more than a third over three years, and nine car models had zero deaths per million registered vehicles, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Health & Wellness

Stem cell target of MS trial

TORONTO—Two Canadian research centres are gearing up for a clinical trial to determine if a type of stem cell can help alleviate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.


Balloon crew approaches North America, streaks closer to records

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The pilots of a helium-filled balloon on a daring flight across the Pacific Ocean drew closer to North America as they attempt to break two world records.


Bird enthusiasts tally 1,114 species in Myanmar, 20 of them previously unrecorded

YANGON, Myanmar — An extensive survey of birds in Myanmar has revealed nearly two dozen not known to have existed in the country, including a large black seabird with a ballooning red neck sack and a tiny black and white falconet with a surprised, panda-like expression.


Mourners told to live life to fullest

ST. ALBERT, Alta.—The sister of an Alberta Mountie told mourners at his funeral yesterday that he would want them to live life the way he did—with joy, with passion, and with every effort to make the world a better place.


4 friends beat house 76 per cent of time to win $736,000 in ‘World Series of sports gambling’

LAS VEGAS — When four buddies bet they could beat the house in the “World Series of sports gambling,” no one — including them — expected they would be right 76 per cent of the time.