Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Potato chip flavour contest seeks ideas representing Canada’s regions

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Canadian potato chip lovers are being asked to draw inspiration from their taste experiences in the country’s regions to create a new flavour.
That’s the twist for the third year of the Lay’s Do Us a Flavour contest.
The suggested flavour should remind entrants of where they had a really memorable dish, whether in Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec or Atlantic Canada.

Tang of citrus enlivens peanut soup, focaccia and shortbread lemon bars

When developing recipes for her cookbook “Pucker,” Gwendolyn Richards made sure they were easy enough that anyone could make them.

Raisins or nuts, runny or firm fillings: Purists debate virtues of butter tarts

LONDON, Ont. — Ruth Currie and Shirley March drive almost an hour to buy their favourite homemade butter tarts, although there’s an award-winning butter tart shop a few minutes away.
Currie says the local tarts are good. “They’re just not exactly what we want.”

Gooey, runny sweetness: recipes for decadent homemade butter tarts

Whether you like nuts or raisins or thin or thick crust in butter tarts, you’re bound to find a version in this selection of recipes to try making at home.


10 easy ideas for turning slow cooker pulled chicken and pork into delicious weeknight dinners

Lots of people love their slow cookers. Just as many folks don’t. We tend to be in the latter group. Not because we don’t appreciate the dump-and-go convenience. And we certainly enjoy being greeted at the end of the day by delicious smells before we’ve even taken off our coats.

Straight up or deliciously doctored: 4 ways with your favourite comfort food - mac and cheese

Do you love macaroni and cheese? Stupid question, right? OK, so let’s try this one: How could you love macaroni and cheese even more?

Chef Susur Lee’s recipe for Chinese New Year Pearl Noodles

Celebrity chef Susur Lee enjoys taking a night off from cooking to celebrate Chinese New Year with his family and friends at a restaurant.
But for those who would like to cook, he has created a dish that incorporates pearl noodles, made from wheat and cornstarch and so called because being white they look like pearls.

’Greens 24/7’ recipes: avocado toast with coconut ‘bacon,’ rhubarb and chard pie

Author Jessica Nadel insists you can enjoy eating all kinds of green vegetables.
“I just want to turn veggie eaters into veggie lovers,” says the Sudbury, Ont.-based writer of the cookbook “Greens 24/7.”
“So it was important to find a balance between the common and the uncommon and sort of tie it all together with big flavours.”

Decadent hot cocoa and chocolate drink recipes for adults and children

The following spicy drink is very chocolatey and retains some of the characteristics of its Mayan ancestor. Novices might want to start with half the quantities of cocoa powder and spices.
30 ml (2 tbsp) unsweetened cocoa powder
2 ml (1/2 tsp) ground cinnamon
0.5 ml (1/8 tsp) cayenne pepper
15 ml (1 tbsp) liquid honey
250 ml (1 cup) milk

VALENTINE’S DAY: Recipe for mussels in Dijon-orange sauce with arugula

Looking for something fast, easy and a little romantic to cook with your partner this Valentine’s Day? Consider mussels.

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