Wednesday, July 1, 2015


FOOD FINDS: Wozz Kitchen Creations finishing vinegars wrap up dinner and cocktails just right

Sometimes a salad or meat sizzling off the grill — and frequently a cocktail — needs just that special something to tie it all together.

’My New Roots’ recipes: Grilled vegetable salad, sunflower sesame seed brittle

Eating healthy whole foods is important to Sarah Britton, but only if they taste delicious.
“It’s really hard to make changes to your diet unless the food tastes really good,” says the author of “My New Roots” (Appetite by Random House).

SUMMER EATS: Recipe for pan-fried po’boys

Need a break from the grill? Probably not, but it’s still good to remember that there are classic summer foods that don’t need an open flame to be delicious.

Recipes for pear amaretto sauce, tangy beans, apple jelly spiked with garlic

When Amy Bronee was writing “The Canning Kitchen: 101 Simple Small Batch Recipes,” she dreamed up a jam that combines juicy ripe pears and amaretto, an almond-flavoured Italian liqueur.
When she made it, she found the taste “out of this world.”
But she couldn’t get the mixture to set. Perhaps the alcohol was interfering with the pectin and affecting the gel set point.

Canning Kitchen’ author updates tastes of preserving for modern cook in new book

TORONTO — Amy Bronee’s goal was to blend the traditions of home preserving with the tastes of the modern home cook.
While canning never went away in rural areas, it is growing as a craft in urban centres, with people eager to buy local food at farmers markets and preserve the bounty to eat during the cold winter months.

Raspberry-rhubarb cream pie with oatmeal crust

A basic strawberry-rhubarb pie is a delightful and iconic part of summer, but why let it rest at that?

Orange barbecue beef short ribs

We tend to think of beef short ribs as a winter dish, something that simmers long and slow in a Dutch oven until fall-apart tender. But we decided these ribs deserved a shot at some summer sun, too. After all, why should pork ribs get all the attention when the weather gets warm?

Bratwurst grinders with apple, cheddar and sauerkraut

Anybody can grill a hot dog, slap it on a bun and dump on the usual ketchup and mustard. So how about going a bit beyond the ordinary this July Fourth?

Recipe for creamy deviled egg potato salad

This recipe is what would happen if your favourite deviled eggs hooked up with a sinfully delicious potato salad. Rich, creamy, tangy, eggy and starchy, this is everything you want in a July Fourth side salad.

Pizza, flatbread and cobbler all delicious baked in wood-fired oven

There’s nothing more delicious than fresh pizza from your own wood-fired backyard oven. But the ovens are also ideal for other savoury offerings, such as savoury flatbread and sweet cobblers.
Here are some recipes to try.


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