Wednesday, May 6, 2015


SUMMER GRILLING: Recipe for goat cheese-stuffed grilled sweet potatoes

To be honest, it’s hard not to get inspired by hasselback potatoes, those deliciously crisp and creamy potatoes that are thinly sliced so they fan out accordion-style during roasting. The edges take on lovely french fry qualities, while the insides stay moist and tender. Add a serious splash of butter or oil and they can be pretty heavenly.

MOTHER’S DAY: Recipe ideas for Mother’s Day tea sandwiches

Some moms want a spa day. Some moms crave chocolate. And some moms just want a little fancy pampering.

MOTHER’S DAY: Recipe for chocolate-raspberry beet cake with buttermilk cream

Mom always said to eat your vegetables. So call this getting even... Make her vegetables as a Mother’s Day dessert.

Succulent flavourful lobster from Maritimes best enjoyed in a casual setting

LONDON, Ont. — For many Canadians, lobster is a dress-up, special-occasion food eaten at a fancy restaurant.
“But it should be the total opposite,” says Alain Bosse, “the kilted chef” from Pictou County, N.S.
“You should be dressing down and eating it at your picnic table.”

Recipes for lobster with salad, in chowder, pasta and on a sandwich

Away from the Maritimes, there’s a mystique about lobster among home cooks, even an “intimidation” factor, acknowledges chef Alain Bosse of Pictou County, N.S.
“It’s the unknown, not growing up with it, not knowing what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat. I’ve done sessions out west and the biggest question is ‘What do I do with it?’ They just don’t know.

Curtis Stone on how to make your risotto ‘absolutely sing’

TORONTO — Risotto is one of Curtis Stone’s favourite dinner party entrees.
“While guests are all standing around in the kitchen having a drink with you, you’re every now and then giving the risotto a stir,” the chef said during a visit to Toronto to promote his new cookbook, “Good Food, Good Life” (Random House).

Recipe: Curtis Stone’s risotto with shrimp, arugula and lemon cream

Chef Curtis Stone says making risotto with shrimp, arugula and lemon cream is really simple yet “absolutely stunning.”
The recipe, from his new cookbook “Good Food, Good Life,” also includes parsley, which Stone say “gives that delicious intense grassiness that I really like in a risotto.”

Coming to the rye: New brands of rye herald the resurgence of a traditional whiskey

Fans of brown spirits are taking a rye approach to imbibing.
Hot on the heels of the bourbon boom, more ryes are appearing on shelves as consumers explore whiskey’s spicier, fruitier side. “People are rediscovering rye whisky and its unique flavour,” says Dan Tullio, master ambassador for Canadian whisky for Beam Suntory, which just launched its Alberta Rye Dark Batch Whisky.

Portland chef Jenn Louis demystifies handmade dumplings, gnocchi in new cookbook

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — When Portland chef Jenn Louis set out to perfect pasta dumplings in Italy, she was occasionally met with such disdain from local chefs she might as well have been trying to push the doughy fare to the Paleo diet crowd.

Golden, amber, dark or very dark: Which maple syrup suits your taste?

When shopping for maple syrup at the grocery store, consumers should read the label to be sure the product is 100 per cent pure.
But when it comes to which flavour suits their needs, the labels can be confusing.

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