Friday, May 29, 2015


Admirable lead

Hats off to the students at Robert Moore who pushed to start up a Gay-Straight Alliance club at their school—and kudos to administration for allowing it to happen.
Given the backlash over the recently-revamped sex education curriculum in Ontario schools, no doubt some parents (and others) would oppose such a club at the elementary level.

Be ‘welcoming’

Whether you call it the “Victoria Day Weekend,” the “May Long,” or the “May 2-4,” the upcoming holiday weekend certainly is among the most anticipated of the year.

Needed action

Word that the Fort Frances Salvation Army, United Native Friendship Centre, and Sunset Country Métis have begun to better co-ordinate the food bank services they offer to local residents is welcome news—and long overdue.

Replace prayer

Perhaps the current town council supports reciting a prayer before its meetings and adamantly opposes any moves to change that tradition. Or perhaps council fears a public backlash if it chose to abolish the practice.
Whatever the reason for its decision, council erred in choosing to sit on its hands Monday night rather than deal with the inevitable in a prompt and decisive manner.

‘Go Lakers!’

All eyes will be on the Ice For Kids Arena here next week as the Fort Frances Lakers vie to capture the Dudley Hewitt Cup and advance to the Royal Bank Cup national Junior ‘A’ championship May 9-17 in Portage La Prairie, Man.

Get mad

With the trial of suspended senator Mike Duffy now into its second week, Canadians are getting a rare glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes in Ottawa, whether it’s questionable expenses racked up by senators or the long reach of the Prime Minister’s Office.

‘Think pink’

There was plenty of pink being worn around Fort Frances today to commemorate the International Day of Pink, which is held annually on the second Wednesday of April.
Activities were planned at local schools, school buses were plastered with messages like “Bully-Free Zone” on their windows, and many staffers at businesses and organizations sported pink to mark the occasion.

Shedding light on ‘sunshine list’

Ontario released its “sunshine list” in time for everyone to comment on it Friday. Reaching to six volumes and numbering 111,438 names, the list has grown by 14 percent over the previous year.
Begun in 1996 by Mike Harris, the “sunshine list” was to show openness and accountability by public sector workers in Ontario.

A real coup

The “Heart of the Continent Partnership” officially launched its geotourism website, in conjunction with National Geographic, last week after being several years in the making.

Critical role

Mother Nature certainly hasn’t co-operated with “Snoasis 3”—not that a whole lot of people, anxious to give winter the boot, are complaining.
Fortunately, organizers are taking it all in stride and even having a little fun with it, unofficially renaming the event “Puddles of Paradise.”

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