Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Final Festival results

Vocal Division
(Friday, April 24)

•Contemporary Solo, 7 and 8 years—1. Piper Lidkea (Honours) 2. Tatum Lexus Martin (Honours)
•Musical Theatre, Ballad, Solo, 6 years and under—1. Alexis Latter (First Class Honours)
•Musical Theatre, Ballad, Solo, 11 and 12 years—1. Carmen Hebert (Honours) 2. Naomi Dunn (Honours)

Driver charged

Shortly after 2 a.m. on Saturday, members of the Rainy River District OPP observed a suspicious motor vehicle near Elizabeth Street West and York Avenue here.
Police conducted a check and, after speaking with the driver, determined he had been drinking.
A 21-year-old Winnipeg male was arrested and charged with failing to provide a breath sample.

More Festival vocal results

Vocal Division
(Thursday, April 23)
•Classroom Choruses, Kindergarten (English)—1. (tie) Robert Moore School Early Learning Class (First Class Honours) and J.W. Walker School Early Learning Class (First Class Honours)
•Classroom Choruses, Grade 1 (English)—1. Robert Moore School Grade 1 Class (Honours)

More Festivals results

(Tuesday, April 21)

•String Solo, Scale Arpeggio Piece, Guitar—1. Scott Jolicoeur (Honours)
•Guitar Solo, Method Courses, Level 1—1. Connor Dent (Honours)
•Violin Solo, Method Courses, Level 1—1. Katrina Klug (Honours)
•Guitar Solo, Examination Courses, Grade 1—1. Reese Jolicoeur (Honours)

Aboriginal craft store opens doors

See a need, fill a need.
That was Bigweld’s slogan in the 2005 movie “Robots,” and it is a quote that always has stayed with Pam Johnson.
That’s why she and her sister, Sandra Wayash-Calder, decided to open “Odawayigamig” at 271 Scott St.—a store that will feature and showcase authentic, genuine crafts made by local aboriginals.

New Riverside CEO ‘at home’

The new president and CEO of Riverside Health Care feels as though he has returned “home.”
Theodore (Ted) Scholten began his new position April 1, but this isn’t his first time working in the health-care system locally.
Scholten owned an occupational therapy consulting services business in Fort Frances.

Funding boon to district’s ag sector

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corp. has invested $2 million to develop agricultural land, diversify crops, and expand business in the west end of Rainy River District.
The Rainy River Future Development Corp. has received $1 million to clear land on 2,423 acres and another $1 million to install tile drainage on 2,114 acres.

More Festival results

Instrumental Division
(Monday, April 20)

•Ensembles, Garage Band With Vocalist, Cover Material—1. Bryce Gilbert, Matt Roen, Dylan Ossachuk, Tyson Morrisseau, Lucas Jordain, and Max Williams (Honours)
•Bands and Orchestras, Junior Band—1. FFHS Junior Band (Honours)
•Bands and Orchestras, Intermediate Band—1. FFHS Intermediate Band (Honours)

Final piano results

Piano Division
(Friday, April 17)

•Piano Solo, Method Courses, Popular, Level 4—1. Kaylen Cunningham
•Piano Solo, Method Courses, Popular, Level 3—1. Grace Kooistra (Honours) 2. Katrina Koomans (Honours)
•Piano Solo, Method Courses, Children’s Songs, Level 3—1. Katrina Koomans (Honours) 2. (tie) Star Martin and Grace Kooistra (Honours)

Human remains found

Dryden OPP officers were called to investigate an incident of found human remains that were located April 16 along Highway 17, about 10 km west of Vermilion Bay.
This incident is being investigated by the Northwest Region Crime Unit, with the assistance of the Northwest Regional Forensic Identification Unit and a forensic anthropologist from the Centre of Forensic Science in Toronto.

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