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Fort Frances Times Online Edition - October 23, 2018

Caul elected mayor by wide margin


June Caul made history last night after being elected as the first female mayor of Fort Frances.

Caul, who is wrapping up her first term as a town councillor, soundly defeated fellow councillor Ken Perry by a vote of 1,808-881.

Incumbent Wendy Brunetta was re-elected to council with 2,155 votes.

Students cast their votes


Schools across the district have been learning about the democratic voting process this election season.

Many classes participated in a mock municipal election vote, where they learned about each of the candidates and the electoral process.

Local teen is missing

From the OPP

Members of the Rainy River District OPP would like to request the public’s assistance in locating a missing youth.

Jordyn Seguin, 15, of Fort Frances last was seen on Monday, Oct. 22 shortly before 8 p.m. in the area of Mowat Avenue and Second Street East.

St. Francis mock vote

Sam Odrowski photo

Grade 5 student Garret Hanna cast a ballot during St. Francis’ mock municipal election yesterday morning. Students heard mayoral candidates June Caul and Ken Perry answer their questions in the gym on Friday to help them make an informed decision at the “mock” voter booth.

Coat drive

Duane Hicks photo

The Associates of Ste. Marguerite d’Youville volunteer Mildred Bedard found a place for this stylish coat yesterday at the Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau (old CN station). The public is urged to drop off coats, hats, mitts, and boots again today from 1-4 p.m. (children’s coats are especially needed this year).

Science Says: Sex and gender aren’t the same

By Lauran Neergaard The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Anatomy at birth may prompt a check in the “male” or “female” box on the birth certificate ‚Äî but to doctors and scientists, sex and gender aren’t always the same thing.

Scientists discover what they say is oldest intact shipweck

The Associated Press

LONDON — A team of maritime archaeologists, scientists and surveyors has discovered what it believes to be the world’s oldest intact shipwreck a Greek trading vessel whose design had previously been seen only on ancient pottery.

Trump refugee cuts slow resurgence of cities like Buffalo

By Michael Hill The Associated Press

BUFFALO, N.Y. — When thousands of others fled the struggling Rust Belt city of Buffalo, refugees poured in to fill the void and invigorate the economy.

Issue of married Catholic priests gains traction under pope

By Nicole Winfield The Associated Press

VATICAN CITY — As the Vatican copes with the growing clergy sex abuse scandal and declining number of priests worldwide, it is laying the groundwork to open formal debate on an issue that has long been taboo: opening up the priesthood to married men in parts of the world where clergy are scarce.

Discover the secret ingredient for creating a great chili

By America’S Test Kitchen The Associated Press

Ground beef chili is way more convenient than chili made with whole chunks of meat, but a truly great version requires a few tricks. To keep the meat moist and tender, we treated it with salt and baking soda.

Forget the mess: This shepherd’s pie uses only one skillet

By America’S Test Kitchen The Associated Press

Despite its status as a classic comfort food, there’s nothing comforting about the many steps and piles of dirty dishes that shepherd’s pie usually requires. Using the cast-iron skillet as our sauteing, baking, and serving pan streamlined the process.

Go ahead, please cook the daylights out of your broccoli

By America’S Test Kitchen The Associated Press

It seems counterintuitive, but cooking the daylights out of the broccoli is the key to this soup’s sweet, nutty vegetable flavour. Our first step was to call for a full 2 pounds of broccoli.

Ugly and also delicious - Pickled Pepper Pull-Apart Beef

By Elizabeth Karmel The Associated Press

Many people who grew up outside the South think that all Southern food is the same. But this is far from the truth. You can live one county away and your food experience and your definition of Southern food is completely different.

Pair a roasted salmon with a spiced-up honey-lime glaze

By America’S Test Kitchen The Associated Press

Pairing perfectly roasted salmon with a spiced-up honey-lime glaze required a cooking technique all its own. Slashing the skin encouraged it to render and crisp quickly, but we also needed to give the flesh a strong, flavourful crust that would stand up to (as well as hold on to) a thick coating of glaze.

This foolproof French toast recipe guarantees crisp slices

By America’S Test Kitchen The Associated Press

his foolproof French toast recipe guarantees crisp, custardy slices by keeping things simple. Stale bread is standard, but we got better (and more efficient) results from oven-dried slices.