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Fort Frances Time Online Edition - January 6, 2017

Former resident’s ‘Colonization Road’ documentary to air


“Colonization Road,” a documentary which delves into the history and meaning of the road—and into Canada’s colonial past, will air on CBC TV at 9 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 26.

The 50-minute film features Anishinaabe comedian Ryan McMahon as he visits Fort Frances, and other towns and cities in the province that also have “Colonization Roads,” and explores the history of these roads.

Drug charges laid

From the OPP

On Jan. 4, members of the OPP’s Community Drug Action Team and North West Region Emergency Response Team executed a search warrant at a residence in Fort Frances.

In executing the warrant, a quantity of marijuana and crime-related proceeds were seized.

History revealed

Duane Hicks

Curator Sherry George put up the new exhibit, “Freemasonry: A History Hidden in Plain Sight,” this morning at the Fort Frances Museum. The exhibit explores some of the symbolism and history that surrounds the masons, who have captured the public imagination through pop culture in recent years, including books by Dan Brown (“The Da Vinci Code,” “Angels and Demons”).

Breaking away

Joey Payeur

Brandon Zajicek left Minnesota Iron Rangers’ defenceman Joe Mata in his dust on this charge to the net during the Fort Frances Lakers’ 5-4 overtime loss here Tuesday night. The Lakers host the Thunder Bay North Starts tonight at the Ice For Kids Arena starting at 7:30 p.m.

NOAA plans to open federal waters in Pacific to fish farming

By Caleb Jones The Associated Press

HONOLULU — As traditional commercial fishing is threatening fish populations worldwide, U.S. officials are working on a plan to expand fish farming into federal waters around the Pacific Ocean.

Spacewalking astronauts tackle battery work outside station

By Marcia Dunn The Associated Press

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Astronauts went spacewalking Friday morning to hook up fancy new batteries on the International Space Station’s sprawling power grid.

Commander Shane Kimbrough and Peggy Whitson got a hand from a space station robot that took care of most of the grunt work.

US sees ‘qualitative improvement’ in NKorea capability

By Matthew Pennington The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — North Korea’s weapons capabilities have shown a “qualitative improvement” in the past year, the No. 2 U.S. diplomat said Thursday.

No doubt Russia interfered in election, US intel chief says

By Eileen Sullivan And Richard Lardner The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Brushing aside Donald Trump’s dismissiveness, the nation’s intelligence chief insisted Thursday that U.S. agencies are more confident than ever that Russia interfered in America’s recent presidential election. And he called the former Cold War foe an “existential threat” to the nation.

Trump on border wall: Mexico will pay us back

By Erica Werner And Jill Colvin The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald Trump on Friday tweeted that Mexico will reimburse American taxpayers for a new border wall and that U.S. money spent will be for the “sake of speed.”

British conservationist fights to save seahorses in Cambodia

By Denis D. Gray The Associated Press

ACH SEH ISLAND, Cambodia — A 7-inch creature with a head resembling a horse and a monkey-like tail glides gracefully out of a dark coral crevice off the Cambodian coast. Master of camouflage, unrivaled as a hunter and a much-loved figure of ancient myths and legends, the seahorse may be spiraling toward annihilation after surviving beneath the waves for some 40 million years.

Game Day S’Mores

By Elizabeth Karmel The Associated Press

These sweet treats are a riff on the very popular summer campfire s’mores. If you love marshmallow and chocolate and get nostalgic when you think of campfire s’mores, these simpler “no-bake” Game Day S’mores will delight you.