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Fort Frances Time Online Edition - December 30, 2016

Still got it

Joey Payeur

Former NorWOSSA and NWOSSAA champion Hannah McLeod showed her get-up-and-go hasn’t completely left as she soared for this shot during an exhibition match between the Muskie senior girls’ volleyball alumni team and the current squad yesterday at Fort High.

Muskies finish with loss


Jordan Sinclair probably wished he was a football coach rather than a hockey one yesterday.

Then he could have declined the penalties being given to his opposition, who proved much more dangerous one player down than his team was one player up.

Enjoying winter

Cameron Penney

Gilles Quesnel embarked along the Eighth Street walking and ski trails here late yesterday afternoon. A break in the snowy weather has allowed for local residents to get outdoors and take part in wintry activities, although more of the white stuff is forecast to fall this weekend.

Shooting puck

Cameron Penney

Chase Felix worked to improve the mechanics of his wrist shot during a 12-and-under shinny skate at the Memorial Sports Centre yesterday afternoon. Nearly 20 youngsters took to the ice to improve their hockey skills in preparation for a return to minor hockey action in the early January.

Humanoid robot Pepper is amusing, but is it practical?

By Michael Liedtke The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO — While merrily chirping, dancing and posing for selfies, a robot named Pepper looks like another expensive toy at a San Francisco mall. But don’t dismiss it as mere child’s play.

New wood technology may offer hope for struggling timber

By Gillian Flaccus And Phuong Le The Associated Press

RIDDLE, Ore. — John Redfield watches with pride as his son moves a laser-guided precision saw the size of a semi-truck wheel into place over a massive panel of wood.

US releases detailed look at Russia’s election hacking

By Tami Abdollah The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The U.S. on Thursday released its most detailed report yet on Russia’s efforts to interfere in the U.S. presidential election by hacking American political sites and email accounts.

The 13-page joint analysis by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI was the first such report ever to attribute malicious cyber activity to a particular country or actors.

With clock ticking, Palestinians pin hopes on Paris summit

By Mohammed Daraghmeh The Associated Press

RAMALLAH, Palestinian Territory — After a pair of diplomatic victories, the Palestinians are now setting their sights on a Mideast peace conference in France next month in a bid to rally support as they prepare for the uncertainty of the Trump administration.

Putin says Russia won’t expel US diplomats in hacking flap

By Josh Lederman And Tami Abdollah The Associated Press

HONOLULU — The United States unleashed a string of sanctions and ordered expulsion of 35 Russians in retaliation for alleged cyber-meddling against the U.S. election, but President Vladimir Putin ruled out any move to kick out American diplomats in response to Washington’s move.