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Wendi Stewart - Wendi with an 'eye'

Wendi lives in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, but the farm on Rainy River in Crozier will always be her home. MEADOWLARK, her debut novel released September 15, is published by NeWest Press of Edmonton. She is the mother of four daughters who did the unforgivable: they grew up.

My kingdom for a dump of snow

All my daughters are with me in Nova Scotia for a lovely family reunion visit. Of course, now it is in the past tense, because Thea had to return to Alberta after a much too brief a visit.

My four grandchildren are here with their mommies and I am in heaven.

Or I thought I was.

We may have made a wrong turn, because it is so hot, unbearably hot, stifling-hot, suffocating-hot, sauna-hot, not-enough-superlatives-to-describe-hot.

Some things are just perfect as is

I love Jason Bateman.

Well, I don't love love him but I love the character he is in all his movies, and I like to think (and I do so with reasonable certainty) that he is cast as the dependable good guy because he is just that.

So when the director shouts out “Action,” Jason merely has to be himself.

There are so few things we can count on these days—and we need to be able to depend that some things won't change without our bidding. For example, Diet Coke.

When I was drinking Diet Coke, which I'm not. Well, not that often. Hardly ever (but I digress).

'It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood'

I was a fan of Mr. Rogers, even when I was old enough not to be.

I was thirteen when Mr. Rogers hit the air. I had grown up with the likes of Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans with Mr. Moose and Dancing Bear who hit the airwaves in 1955 and ran for thirty-eight seasons. And I looked up, way up to see The Friendly Giant and his comrades Rusty the Rooster and Jerome the Giraffe, while the giant welcomed me with his recorder playing Early One Morning, a song I can still sing.

'Man in Motion' still is inspiring to all

I heard Rick Hansen on CBC Radio the other morning when I climbed into my car. He was a guest on “The Current” with Anna-Maria Tremonti.

When I turned the radio on, before I heard him discuss the rights of the disabled and before Anna-Maria mentioned his name, I knew it was Rick Hansen, recognizing his gentle, kind voice filled with the sound of caring in it—and I was glad to be reunited with Rick as if we were friends from long ago bumping into one another on the street.

Slowly learning the mantra of success

I confess that I'm not particularly fond of cooking, though on some occasions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, I've been known to put on a decent spread and most of it quite edible.

To the best of my knowledge, I haven't killed anyone off with my culinary skill (or lack thereof) and there have been no lawsuits or court appearances. I didn't have to flee the country and assume an alias, as well as wear a wig and Groucho Marx glasses.

Bless all the children

I am in a state of emotional rage and I'm struggling to focus on the simplest of tasks—tasks as simple as flossing or walking.

I can't think straight and all I can think about is the images of children taken from their mothers at the U.S.-Mexican border, oftentimes removed with lies to garner co-operation, babies and toddlers torn from their mothers.

Love the art of Marjorie McDow

I have friends visiting from Dawson City, the kind of people you meet and feel instantly as if you have known them your whole life.

So off we went the other day to Fishermen's Cove on the Eastern Passage of Nova Scotia, a small historic village on the Atlantic Shore just a short drive from Halifax.

So just who is minding the baby?

The prime minister of New Zealand has just gone on maternity leave, and something about that warms and calms me.

Jacinda Ardern, at age 37 the youngest female government head in the world, has a team in place who will help her do her job. But no doubt the time she will take to allow her body to recover from the rigours of pregnancy and labour and delivery, and for her infant to find her rhythm in a world outside her mother's body, won't be adequate.

Secret to true happiness

When we are young, we think many “things” will be the answer to our pursuit of happiness. A new bike, our first car, cool glasses (though when I first started wearing glasses at age 13, there was not a single thing cool about them, no matter the colour or shape).

I have adorned my face with some of the most hideous frames ever made over the 50 years I've been peering through eyeglasses to get a clearer look at life and though there were moments when I thought I might look cool, or cool-ish, I assure you I didn't.