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Sharpening your mental skills

How sharp are your powers of observation?

Research tells us that you can keep your mental skills sharp by using them. Here’s a little exercise you can try.

When out strolling the town, look closely at the properties and then guess how old or what generation the folks are that live there.

It helps if you do this in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, but it really doesn’t matter because your memory so bad, you don’t remember what you had for breakfast let alone who lives on your street.

Keeping a close eye on the trash

I rescued it from the trash can . . . for the third time.

My old grey sweater has been my favourite chilly day companion for many a decade. It is not only comfortable, it is “natty”—just the kind of casual attire fit for the retired small-town gentleman.

“Natty, my foot! It’s downright scruffy. Makes you look like some old bum!” snorted my wife, The Pearl of the Orient, when she discovered me hauling said garment back from the garbage can where she had deposited it well-hidden under a bunch of potato peelings.

Planning revenge for ‘land mines’

I thought there was a U.N. prohibition on the laying of land mines. But no, as the snow and ice recedes from the roads and sidewalks every spring, there they are.

In these fresh spring days, with the sun finally shining and things starting to melt, I like to stroll the roads with my head up and shoulders back taking in all the glory of the new season.

But no, that is impossible if I am to maintain domestic peace with the Pearl of the Orient.

A holiday favourite

With entertaining season upon us, I want to share with you one of our favourite recipes perfect for a buffet or cocktail party—or serve it with rice for a main course as this recipe makes an abundant amount of sauce.

By the way, ground chuck is available at your local butcher and is much meatier in flavour than typical ground beef.

All the best of the holiday season to you. . . .

Honey Garlic


Jesus seeking all

By Pastor Sean Ward The Apostolic Way

While sitting in the coffee room some months ago, looking over the stacks of newspapers which had accumulated throughout the week, a cloud of misery seemed to drift over me as I took in report after report of evil intent, broken hearts, and resulting injustices.

I was reminded of a similar time in the nation of Israel, where the prophet Isaiah stated that “judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street and equity cannot enter.” (Isa 59:14)

‘DriveWise’ over the holidays

Submitted by DriveWise

Oh, December—the month when days are short, roads are snowy, and your mood is expected to be light and cheery.

There’s shopping, visiting, and entertaining. It is a time that often can feel overwhelming and a bit insane.

But try not to let the insanity affect your driving.

The “shortest” day of the year occurs in December, which means much of your driving this month will be in the dark and often in the snow.

‘Castin’ for Cash’ slated for July 6-7

By Robin McCormick Devlin correspondent

Bill and Nel Godin from Lake Despair Lodge are all set to go with the annual “Castin’ for Cash” Bass Tournament.

A total of 55 teams have signed up all hoping to have the biggest total after two days of bass fishing. Weigh-ins begin Friday at 4 p.m. and are Saturday at 4 p.m. also.

There will be a fish fry Friday evening with fish and all the trimmings. The cost of the meal is $12 for adults and $8 for youth.

It’s been a good start

By Dan Falloon, Staff writer

Hi there, Fort Frances Times readers.

This is your new friendly, neighbourhood sports reporter, and I thought I should probably take the opportunity to introduce myself and what I’m all about since I expect we’ll be seeing a fair bit of each other.

This past spring, I graduated from Red River College in Winnipeg with a diploma in Creative Communications (journalism major), and was the sports department intern for the Winnipeg Free Press during the summer.

Hockey moms decided election?

By Mitch Calvert, Staff writer

Who says politics and hockey don’t mix?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, you would know that U.S. Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin—a self-described hockey mom—has been making regular references to the aforementioned “hockey mom” phrase, looking for an emotional appeal to that voting demographic of the American public.