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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Pleased with good crop of baled hay

Well, the change in weather will have slowed down all the grain getting combined and the hay getting baled.

I think we may have been fortunate since I only received just over half-an-inch at home. But as we were travelling into Winnipeg on Sunday, they were getting hammered by rain.

If we only get this amount, it quickly will find its way into the ground and you will see the machinery back in action.

Prior to this rain, the weather was darn near perfect–the biggest problem at this time of the year is the heavy dews and shorter days.

Cattle prices decent at sale

Well, another busy weekend is in the books.

Our first cattle sale of the fall season was held Saturday at the Stratton sales barn, during which 631 head sold for $830,211.03.

Despite cattle prices lower than last year, we still saw some decent prices.

In fact, the auctioneer made a point of stating that we were on par with the west, then got quite excited when we were over the western prices.

Another fall fair in books

Well, another Emo Fair is behind us.

We certainly ended up with a pretty decent weekend. The rain could have passed us by Saturday night but like many said, “It wouldn’t be an Emo Fair without rain!”

I was happy that it didn’t rain enough to cancel the stock car races as the stands looked full and the pits were full of cars!

Saturday night is my time in the 4-H food booth and it remained steady for the evening.

Meanwhile, the cattle show went off very well, with the cooler temperatures welcomed by not only the participants but the cattle, as well!

Fair coming up fast

Here we are the week before the Emo Fair week! Yikes! So much to do and little time to do it.

I ended up taking last Friday off and having the girls out to work on “Fair Stuff.”

I can honestly say they have trained their calves on their own.

I have to help tie them but after that they are doing the pulling and the pushing. They are certainly building a lot of “hockey muscles!”

It really proves that when you do stuff on your own you have a great deal more sense of accomplishment—and this is very clear with the girls and their calves.

Starting to think about Emo Fair

I can barely believe it is already August! Time just slips on by.

This month started out with an inch of rain but I hope that it will hold off now for a while! Many are finished haying and many (like me) are so close!

We lost some time on Saturday afternoon when a dark cloud rolled in and left us just over a half an inch while others only received a few drops.

We have plenty down but likely have one and a half days of cutting. It makes you really anxious when you get to the end.


Battling through really tough year

I know you shouldn’t complain about all the wrong things in your life because I do realize how much good I have.

But seriously–this year really has been a tough one! We’ve lost some good people in our district, this weather, and personally I’m just having a tough time with many things.

I cannot seem to get caught up and I keep adding to my list instead of taking things off. I could cry at the drop of a pin right now.

District loses strong booster

Sadly, Rainy River District lost one of its strongest supporters last week.

I received the sad news late Friday night that Linda Armstrong had lost her battle to cancer.

Linda loved agriculture and her community. She had great passion about the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and was a part of that organization for many years.

Linda was a strong person and wouldn’t not back down from much. She used her strength to battle cancer but, unfortunately, it ended up winning—but not without lack of trying.

Trying not to stress about the weather

As much as this weather is driving me crazy, I’m trying to refrain from stressing about it too much.

I have some hay that’s cut and getting washed but there’s not much I can do about it.

Our family had a very nerve-racking week so I realize that not having much hay made, or the hay getting rained on, is minor compared to having your family healthy and safe at home.

Like many people, last week I experienced what it’s like to volunteer for something in your community and then have someone only find fault in everything you do.

Sure would be nice to start baling hay

We certainly were fortunate to have a great long weekend here in the Rainy River District­­—and I was hoping it would continue on for the rest of the week.

I cut hay . . . now if I can only get it baled . . .

This is the first year in many years that I don’t have one bale made by this time of the year. I’m trying hard to not let it bother me but it sure does.

One of my girlfriends continually reminds me that I have no control over the weather and I realize that—but it doesn’t make me feel better.

Rain, rain go away!

This rain! We have had just over six inches of rain this month alone, with two of that falling over the weekend.

It is starting to really get to me. It affects my work and my farm—and we have no control over it! I wore rubber boots all weekend just to walk around the yard.

It’s pretty hard to make hay. And even if the rain stops, we’re still looking at a few days of warm temperatures to dry things up.

Last year, there were many spots in our fields that we had to leave because of the water and it’s looking like it won’t be much different this year.