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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Still bare ground in Emo

Winter has arrived in parts of Rainy River District but we still have bare ground here in Emo.

No complaints, though, as it will be great if our farm yards get some frost into them before the snow falls.

I did have to spend most of Saturday getting all the water systems fixed up with heat for the winter (Ontario Hydro will be pleased with that as I’ll see a huge difference in my bills for the rest of the winter).

It is at least a month later than normal, however, so I shouldn’t complain.

Still enjoying amazing weather

Here we are the middle of November and still enjoying amazing weather!

I realize this will be coming to an end but we certainly have had a good run. For instance, we unrolled bales and baled them into square bales this past weekend and actually were hot.

Meanwhile, I’m feeding cows in places that most years you wouldn’t go with a tractor. The only bad part was as I was feeding, I thought, “Wow, that’s weird how the branches are all off that tree like that.”

Turns out it was a strategically-placed tree stand. I might have ruined a hunting spot.

Hard to believe it’s November

November–who would have thought this! This weather is simply amazing.

But then you have the people who just have to tell you,“We will pay for this” or “This will be added on to the spring!”

Let’s just be positive, enjoy it, and hope it is just as nice on the other end.

This mild weather certainly is easy on people’s feed supply. Many cattle still are grazing and have little interest in eating hay when the grass is still green and even abundant in some places.

The cattle love this weather as much as we are.

Local food co-op makes pitch

The Cloverbelt Local Food Co-op was here presenting how it could allow all of us to access more local food and even other items.

I hope some of you were able to attend one of their sessions. If not, it works like this: items that are for sale are listed on the website and you can order for a specific period of time and then a pick-up on a specific date and time.

We are hoping to include Emo and Fort Frances in this (currently they have these hubs in Dryden, Sioux Lookout, and Kenora). We think it could fill the void of losing our farmers’ market.

Challenges seem to be never-ending

Last week seems like just a blur.

Our cereal performance data was due Thursday. Although I knew we were cutting things pretty tight, it all went bad when I went to enter the numbers and discovered our 1000 kernel weight machine was giving us false readings.

There was no way we would have time to re-do all of them and still make the deadline. So we did what we could and had to ask for forgiveness.

Fortunately, they were happy to have our yield data at least.

Still lots of work at EARS

Though it was a damp morning here in Rainy River District on Monday, we sure cannot complain about the temperatures!

It seems odd not to be dressing up in full outdoor gear.

I even had to cut my grass again over the weekend—amazing! And my flowers are still blooming. I realize all good things come to an end but I’m savouring every bit of it.


Thanksgiving weekend a great time

A couple of my friends purchased a cabin on Off Lake and we went up to celebrate my birthday on Friday night!

They have wanted a place for many years and they certainly made a great choice!

We had a great time but because of the busy Thanksgiving weekend ahead, we didn’t want to stay up too late!


I picked up the girls Saturday around lunch time and we were off to spend the weekend in the country! We had made plans that if the weather was nice, we would craft; otherwise we were doing outside stuff!

Hoping for sun to return

Well, I’m hoping the sun will return again! I think we all enjoyed it much more than these dark wet days.

We have surpassed normal rainfall amounts for September so I’m hoping that means October will be drier. I certainly need the sunshine to return in order to complete our soybean harvest at the Emo Agricultural Research Station.

I understand they have been getting some hard frosts in Northeastern Ontario, but things are staying pretty darn green here and well about freezing temperatures.


Hoping for warm, dry week

I checked the weather forecast Monday morning–in hopes of a warm, dry week–and it looks like we will have decent temperatures until the weekend.

So enjoy this week and spend as much time as possible out in the sun. Nice days in the fall seem hard to beat.

I’m hoping we will might be able to tackle some soybeans, which is why I was hoping for some dry days with plenty of sunshine. The leaves have dropped but the seed needs some drying time.

Still plenty of work to do

It’s crazy how quickly time is flying by. And even more crazy is how quickly the days are become so short!

It sure makes a difference with drying time. Even the slightest amount of rain makes a big impact and you are off the land a lot longer than our longer summer days.


There’s still lots to do at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. Besides seed-cleaning, we need to finish spraying Round-Up and then tackle plowing.