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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Girls getting animals ready

The weather cooperated for a great long weekend.

I was lucky enough to take Friday off so that made four days at home and since we had finished baling hay on Wednesday, I didn't have to rush around for that.

My only problem was I ended up with a nasty cold again so I wasn't as productive as I would have liked to have been.

The girls were able to spend some time in the country so we did get all our animals clipped (all eight of them) and we did a lot of walking around with animals. We all took turns pretending to be the judge.

Last week was crazy busy

I hope everyone is enjoying the heat wave we’ve been experiencing this past week.

It won’t last (it never does so I get frustrated when people complain about it).

Meanwhile, what a crazy busy week it was last week. Our soil and crop tour on Thursday was very successful and those who didn’t make it, you missed out!

We visited some extremely good crops and though we didn’t even realize it at the time of planning, all our stops were young farmers! How exciting!

A big thank you to those who participated in the tour, either by attending or hosting.

Summers are much too short

Wow, here we are at the end of July and into our crop tour/open house week.

It honestly makes me a little sad. Time goes so fast and summer is much too short.

I hope some of you are thinking about attending our crop tour this Thursday (July 27) and/or join us at the annual open house at the Emo Agricultural Research Station later that evening!

We are planning to meet at EARS at 9:30-9:45 a.m. and then drive around to see just some of the great crops in Rainy River District. We also will be joined by many special guests!

Making dry hay a real challenge

By now I doubt I have to write how I feel about this weather: rain nearly every day.

And truthfully, when people say to me, “Oh, we need a good rain" or "Farmers should be happy with this,” I want to lose it!

Making dry hay seems to be becoming a bigger and bigger challenge. I keep thinking how was it when we were kids—we made the little square bales on all our land and it seemed like it never rained!

I can't even imagine if we were trying to do that now (granted, our haying crew is much less).

Making hay has been slow going

We are slowly making some hay though it isn't an easy task when it rains every day!

On Friday morning, we were not expecting any rain and we had nearly half-an-inch at the Emo Agricultural Research Station (EARS).

Then they were calling for a storm on Tuesday/Wednesday and it left me wondering what I should cut on Sunday. But like one of my trusty farmers told me, “If they can't predict when it will rain, how can they predict that it will!” So we cut.

Weather didn't dampen Canada Day

Although the weather could have co-operated a bit more for all the Canada Day celebrations across the district, it could have been a lot worse!

As far as I know, all the events that were happening continued on despite the rain showers.

Maddie and Marlee joined Charlie and Levi (the Dryden twins) in the Barwick parade.

If you haven't attended the Barwick parade, you are missing out—it is a big one! Great job to everyone who participated.

Hope our summer isn't over

I hope our summer isn't over already but the forecast sure isn't looking all that summer-like.

Although many people thought we were too dry, last week should have ended most of those fears. On Friday, for instance, my girls had our big work truck stuck out in our tile drained field at the Emo Agricultural Research Station.

I let them tackle that on their own and they came in successfully unstuck—but with a nasty knot in the rope.

I've learned to never wish for rain here

I love summer! I love the warm sunshine, the blue skies, and the green grass.

I don't like to be in the house on these days and you can tell—my housework is slipping.

Our 4-H beef club was coming to my house Monday night and I hope they didn't see the dirty floor. Actually, I was hoping we'd spend most of our time outside anyway, right?!

We finally had a decent rain at home-three-quarters of an inch fell Friday night—but we have been missing most of the rains.

Heat most welcome

Yay! Summer has arrived. I really enjoy the heat, and we are getting plenty of wind to cool you down and keep the bugs away.

We had 3.5 mm of rain at home on Friday night although the Emo Agricultural Research Station received 22 mm. Quite a difference.

But even on Sunday, my brother was fishing with the girls and they had to get off the lake a few times due to the rain but we didn't receive a drop at home!

Dry, cool days better than being too wet

Many are talking about needing a nice warm rain and how our mornings are still cool.

Both are likely true, but I will take dry, cool days over wet anytime. It will happen—it always does.

It is looking like tomorrow we will see some rain and the grass will grow and we will be wearing shorts and showing off our white skin in no time at all.

The work you can accomplish right now without the moisture outweighs the other. We are slowly progressing here at EARS with a fair bit planted—but we still have a fair bit to go.