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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Bitter cold causes extra work

The wintery weather is really getting to me—especially the wind!

As I approach calving time, it actually makes me tired just thinking about the extra work the cold causes.

I finally moved my cows home in preparation for calving. Of course, the wind was whipping across the big open field they had to trudge home over and more than half of them wouldn’t come.

I even waited overnight and still the other (stubborn) half hadn’t arrived.

I decided to go and give them a push. But by then they were looking for hay, so they came home fairly easy.

Days thankfully are getting longer

I was told our days are getting a fair bit longer in the evenings and shortly we will start to see it change in the mornings.

That always helps our too long of a winter!

And even though it’s rather chilly today (Monday), the sun shining makes you (or at least me) feel much better! Believe it or not, I get rather crabby and down when I don’t see the sun for a few days.

The sun cheers me up any time of the year.

Lots of bookwork to catch up with

Here we are—already the middle of January! Time sure does go fast.

I should be calving in one month so I need to get myself organized, stuff in place, and supplies ordered.

My cows still are living quite contently in the bush and have been much happier these past few days since we seemed to have moved out of the deep freeze (I hope that’s the end of the cold weather for this winter!)

I was telling a friend the other day that the cattle, rabbits, sheep, tractor, and water (never mind myself) all were in a better mood now that the weather has improved.

Trying hard to stay positive in the cold

Happy New Year!

I’m thinking there are a few of us wishing for some warmer weather! I’m trying to stay positive because, yes, it could always be worse. But it could be a whole lot better, too.

I’ve been battling with one water bowl during this cold snap—again. On the bright side, it’s only one and could be dealing with all of them.

It’s very hard to work without your mitts on, and you have to be extra careful because everything breaks that much easier in this cold.

Christmas full of food, fun

As always, we plan and prepare much longer than it takes our special day to come and go!

Here’s hoping everyone enjoyed themselves and got a belly full—the problem seems to be that our bellies continually get full!

I overdid it on Christmas Eve so I had to take it easier the rest of the meals. I think the worst part is starving yourself all day because you are waiting up for your big supper—but then you over eat and feel like you will never be able to move again!

Christmas tree mishap a pain

Many people spend hours cleaning prior to Christmas, including me. I wore out two toothbrushes and an entire bottle of “Mean Green” getting the grout in my tile all polished up.

I lucked out with fewer walls to wash this year since I just finished getting fresh paint in more than half of the house upstairs. Alas, there still was plenty of dust and dog hair floating around, though.

Despite all of this, I ended up in a huge mess around 12:30 a.m. on Friday.

Ag station needs income

I finally have copies of the Emo Agricultural Research Station reports available!

I did leave multiple copies at Emo Feed, so you can pick one up there or let me know and I can be sure to get you one.

Keep in mind that we already are planning next season, so if there is work that you would like done, please get in touch with me. Things still are a little sketchy with cutbacks and all but as far as I am aware, we are back in business next year.

Lucky to have missed storm

Well, I was lucky enough to travel around the storm of last week.

Not sure if I should say lucky or not–my family (mostly my brother) had me stressed out about travelling. I am still so tense in my neck and shoulder that I really need a massage!

I was happy to arrive back in Winnipeg to find my truck not snowed in the parking lot! The way everyone was describing the weather, I thought my truck might be there until spring.

Christmas coming much too fast

Well, we’ve turned the calendar page to December–oh no!

I really need to put my thinking cap on and start making a list of what I should be looking to buy for my family and friends.

That is the difficult part for me–I’m not a shopper. It is one thing if you walk into a store and know exactly what you want. But wandering around waiting for something to jump out at you just isn’t my thing!

On the bright side, I finally finished my outdoor lights Saturday! That’s my favourite part of Christmas–the lights and decorations (oh, and the food, of course).

Not ready for Christmas yet

Monday marked one month until Santa arrives!

I wish I could say I was all ready for his arrival. I did start my outdoor lights but like many others, you put the lights away working and they magically don’t work as I pull them out of my numerous Rubbermaid containers.

It will take me most of the week to get them all up, but it would be less if you didn’t have to spend the time trying to get them all working again.