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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Getting set for calving

It sounds like this spell of mild January weather is nearing the end.

You might want to get out in the next few days since I’m hearing colder temperatures are in store by week’s end.

The positive thing about this? We have this long month behind us and it brings us another month closer to green grass!

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I moved my cows into the yard–likely plenty early but it gives me comfort in having them closer to home now that they are closer to calving.

Milder temps are welcomed

I think we all are welcoming the milder temperatures these days, animals included.

The cows are taking their time walking across the open stretch coming home for water—instead of running and shaking their heads because the wind and air was bitterly cold.

The deer also are moving around—possibly because of the warmer weather or maybe the wolves are moving them around. Meanwhile, the sheep (even though it’s hard to believe they would ever be cold with all their wool) are spending more time outside these days.

Calving season coming up fast

Frosty temperatures are supposed to be leaving us later this week, so I’ve decided to hold off undecorating my farm buildings for a few more days.

I dread the darkness of the yard without all the Christmas lights anyway.

I certainly have been noticing how we are seeing more and more daylight each day again—and that is a welcome sight. And despite these colder temperatures, the sun sure makes the day seem a bit more pleasant.

My cows enjoy the sunny days since they still are nestled in the bush out of the wind but the sun beats down on them.

Looking forward to a better year

Happy 2015 to everyone! If nothing else, 2015 has brought us some very winter-like weather with both snow and cold reaching us.

We seemed to coast right through December but now the normally-long month of January is proving to be a little more stubborn.

I found 2014 to be a very challenging year, and was looking forward to it being behind us and moving on to a better New Year.

I awoke one day last week to a fuse blown in the barn. This left a frozen barn, one water bowl frozen, sheep water frozen, and the tractor cord with no power.

There’s never a happy medium

It seems as though our warm, wet days may be behind us! It was a frosty day on Monday but at least with this we see the sun!

During the milder weather, the cattle tend to eat less, which is nice on your hay pile. But things will change now.

And with the return to colder temperatures, it makes us all wish for a bit more snow to ensure we don’t end up with frozen water pipes, septic systems, etc.

So once again, when it comes to weather, there never seems to be a happy medium.

Dog has a new home

Last week at this time, I had a visiting dog (I didn’t mention it in my column last week because I was hoping it would find its way back to its owner).

I was quite suspicious that it had been dropped off but I wasn’t certain. In the meantime, I thought I would try to ignore it and see if it would make its way back home.

Alas, it didn’t. She would come into the yard, play with “Roxee” a bit, and then make her way back to the end of the driveway, where she made herself a cozy place to sleep in hopes her owner would return.

December sure feeling more like spring

Talk about crazy weather. It was Dec. 15 on Monday yet it looked like April.

It is very wet, slippery, and messy, and personally I’d prefer it a bit cooler and less damp. I know it seems like we are never happy but this is crazy.

My almost step-kid is counting down the days until he gets home for the Christmas break, but he also is counting on riding his brand new snowmachine that is waiting for him.

I know things can change quickly, too.

Ag station records lowest-ever yields

The Emo Agricultural Research Station will be closing for the season this week.

I finally finished all my data and took it off to be copied. The reports will be available from me or Emo Feed this week.

I encourage everyone to ask questions about the trials since time always is a factor. And there is more information that I feel should be included in the report but I just don’t have the time to input it all.

Not only was 2014 tied for the coldest year and the record wettest year, but we have never seen such low yields, as well.

Still finishing up work at station

Most years I’m finished at the Emo Agricultural Research Station by Dec. 1, but that isn’t the case this year as I still have to finish my forage data.

I think the fact that the building is not overly warm will make me work harder to complete it!

I debated just taking the computer home and finishing everything there, but I’m afraid I’ll be too easily distracted with my own list. So I just will dress warm and work hard (and fast!)

Once the data is finished, then I will move on to working on the partnerships, contracts, and plans for our next season.

Deadline for data looming

Here we are in the last week of November!

I’m supposed to have all my data finished by Friday. I’m not sure that I am going to make the deadline but I will try my best.

We still haven’t finished cleaning seed. We can see the end but it’s not over yet.

My help’s contract was finished last Friday but I’m still hoping they might give me a few more days with her.