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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Busy week of calving

Well, it was a busy week of calves for me! I was just steady moving cattle in and out, and thankfully it was decent temperatures, so it was easier to put calves outside much more quickly than what I sometimes do.

Things were going pretty good, and I planned to attend the soil and crop meeting last Thursday night. But my second-last heifer started to calve around supper time (they often do that when they know you are planning to go somewhere).

Rain left a big mess

Thankfully the rain showers have left us. What a mess!

I think we all can agree we certainly don’t need that kind of weather at this time of year.

I easily could skate right out to the barn and it actually might be safer than trying to walk. Then again, it is much easier to step into a pair of boots than lace up skates, especially when you are going every two-three hours.

  • • •

Maddie and Marlee both were playing in a hockey tournament in Emo over the weekend so I tried to sneak in a few games.

Timing perfect for first calvings

I was lucky to spend Family Day with Maddie, Marlee, and cows calving!

The timing was perfect since two of Maddie’s cows calved and so did one of Marlee’s. So they got to experience a whole lot of stuff first-hand.

The day before, we had a heifer (first-time momma) calve and it seems that it came a little early. He only weighs 57 pounds so we have been busy making sure he is getting a good drink of milk.

He knows how to suck just fine, but he is so little that he doesn’t get up well on his own.

4-H has new president

Congratulations to Joe Bodnar, who agreed to take on the position of president of the Rainy River District 4-H Leaders’ Association at its annual meeting over the weekend.

It was great to see a few new faces take over some of the committees with this group.

Like we say over and over again, “more hands make light work!”

Meanwhile, the annual awards night for 4-H members and volunteers is quickly approaching–the date is Friday, Feb. 26 at the Millennium Hall in Stratton.

Still tough to do chores

Well, the long month of January is behind us! Unfortunately, I missed most of it due to not feeling well.

I have improved but still not myself—and still very short of air. Not sure what I’ve got going on but I will be back in to see the doctor this week.

A person doesn’t realize how much they normally do until they are laid up and doing very little. I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time in my house since I moved here.

Tackling one job at a time

This mild weather is pleasantly welcomed—at least by me.

I was hoping to get my cows moved into the yard earlier this week. My calving start date it supposed to be around Feb. 11, but plus or minus 10 days, so I feel more comfortable having them closer now.

I’m still battling whatever it is that I have going on, and walking to check my cows right now has been quite a workout for me. I have myself convinced that having fresh air is a must and surely this will pass one of these days.

Just starting to feel better

I finally started to feel a bit better on Monday. I vacuumed and even though I feel like I ran a marathon, I got rid of a lot of dog hair.

I’m getting further behind that I planned for 2016 but I’m not going to complain because at least my cows are not calving! There is no way I would be doing that without help.

I hope that I’m mostly healthy by the time that happens.

I don’t wish this on anyone; it has been dreadful. “Roxee” is thinking that I am the most boring person she knows and she leaves the room now when I get into a coughing spell.

Nipigon best cut-off point

As we all expected, the cold weather finally has found us—though it sounds like we still are better off than many other places, with heavy wind gusts hitting much of southern Ontario again.

Northern Ontario did make the news with the failure of the bridge over the Nipigon River. I was wondering how long the closure would last since cattle travel from the west to the east daily and they would have no alternative route (travelling through the U.S. would not be allowed).

Still feeling rather numb

Most times I can sit down at my computer and have no problem writing you a story about life here north of Emo or the current events of the Emo Agricultural Research Station.

But I’m still struggling with what I should be doing, saying, or writing. With the sudden loss of “Nanny” on Christmas Day, I’m still feeling rather “numb” to it all.

Although we’re all thankful that she’s not lying in some hospital bed suffering, it is natural for us all to wish for just one more quick visit—or, as she would say as you were leaving, “drop around anytime.”

Writing my ‘Moos’ with heavy heart

I debated heavily on writing a “Moos” this week, but then remembered how much Nanny waited for Thursday as it was delivery day of “The Big Paper!”

It wasn’t that she longed to read the “Moos” but the “big paper” was her source of current local news and events that she read cover to cover. There has been many newspaper clippings cut and stashed over her 87 years.

Sadly, Nanny passed away on Christmas Day and we have a huge empty spot in our hearts these past few days.