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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Nipigon best cut-off point

As we all expected, the cold weather finally has found us—though it sounds like we still are better off than many other places, with heavy wind gusts hitting much of southern Ontario again.

Northern Ontario did make the news with the failure of the bridge over the Nipigon River. I was wondering how long the closure would last since cattle travel from the west to the east daily and they would have no alternative route (travelling through the U.S. would not be allowed).

Still feeling rather numb

Most times I can sit down at my computer and have no problem writing you a story about life here north of Emo or the current events of the Emo Agricultural Research Station.

But I’m still struggling with what I should be doing, saying, or writing. With the sudden loss of “Nanny” on Christmas Day, I’m still feeling rather “numb” to it all.

Although we’re all thankful that she’s not lying in some hospital bed suffering, it is natural for us all to wish for just one more quick visit—or, as she would say as you were leaving, “drop around anytime.”

Writing my ‘Moos’ with heavy heart

I debated heavily on writing a “Moos” this week, but then remembered how much Nanny waited for Thursday as it was delivery day of “The Big Paper!”

It wasn’t that she longed to read the “Moos” but the “big paper” was her source of current local news and events that she read cover to cover. There has been many newspaper clippings cut and stashed over her 87 years.

Sadly, Nanny passed away on Christmas Day and we have a huge empty spot in our hearts these past few days.

Christmas is fast approaching

The week of Christmas has arrived! Where did this year go?

It seems like only yesterday I was trying to prepare for Christmas—last year.

I still have great intentions of getting a Christmas letter written and mailed this week. I also have been trying to clean but it seems I keep messing things up as I go.

We did venture out and cut our Christmas tree, and we finally have it all prettied up. I’m not sure that I will have my house spotless for Christmas but I will tackle as much as I can.

Cow herd expansion discussed

I spent the day in Guelph last week at the Beef Farmers of Ontario office, where we were discussing the Northern Cow Herd Expansion program.

We would like the herd to grow by 100,000 in Ontario and it seems that we have the land to grow the herd here in the north.

But similar to attracting a doctor, veterinarian, or any other professional to the north, there has to be a lot of planning, organizing, and mentoring in place.

We also shot a video promoting the north. I spent most of my video time promoting our great district.

Not feeling like Christmas

It’s hard to believe Christmas is fast-approaching when the weather feels like we should be preparing our planting equipment!

In fact, I had to keep taking off clothes while I finished putting up my outdoor lights this weekend. My only complaint is that I’m thinking all my cords and ornaments likely will be frozen to the ground once it’s time to bring them back in.

Christmas lights display started

I’ve started my annual Christmas lights display.

My new shed took a fair bit of time to get set up for lights but it turned out quite nicely. I’ll now work away for most of this week before I complete the “glow!”

I couldn’t believe that earlier this week, while working on my old barn, the water was dripping off the roof on me. Wow—I normally put my Christmas lights up when it is minus-40 or the snow is up to my waist!

I’ve got a few new things to add to my yard this year, so I’m quite excited to get in all finished off.

Winter’s arrival causes mess

Well, it looks as though winter has arrived.

And as much as I enjoyed the milder weather, it certainly would have been nice if we had some cooler temperatures before the snow arrived. It has created quite a mess!

It really fools you, as well—thinking you can cruise along walking but you sink in a muddy mess under the snow.

I went through a couple pair of boots on Saturday just trying to do chores!

Soybean yields looking good

We are very pleased that all the plowing has been completed at the Emo Agricultural Research Station (EARS)!

I’ve also finished all the data for the cereal trials but haven’t started on the forages yet. I have two project reports that I’m working on currently, so my time is pretty much all in front of the computer.

I soon will have a summary for everyone but I can say I was really pleased with our soybean yields!

  • • •

My mom and I managed to vaccinate and de-worm all of the cows and bulls with little issue at all.

Well-deserved recipient chosen for RRFA award

The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture hosted a wonderful fall dinner and meeting Saturday night.

Congratulations to Bernie Zimmerman, who has returned as chair of this organization.

But they still are in need of one director so if you have one night a month to spare, please get in touch with Bernie.

Tony Elders did a wonderful presentation on the Rainy River District Stewardship Council and all the benefits of having this group in our district.