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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Crossing my fingers for better week

Here we are the middle of October and it’s a cattle sale week. I am crossing my fingers for a better week!

“Roxee” is doing OK but we made a trip to the vet on Monday because the top of the bandage was slipping. I think she is more upset that she’s done with all her medication because she was really enjoying the pieces of ham we were using to ensure she took it all.

Wet fall has made for a messy yard

I hope everyone was able to enjoy a nice long weekend. The weather wasn't so great but otherwise I was feeling like we all had a lot to be thankful for.

I tried to tackle a wee bit of housework but spent most of my time getting equipment put away and preparing for the next season.

I really was hoping for a warm, mostly dry fall but that sure hasn't happened. My yard is a sticky, muddy mess. I have lambs in a corral and calves in another, and I cannot wait for them to be out.

We desperately need sunshine

Well, Oct. 1 is here but I think it feels more like Nov. 1. We really need some sunshine—like a whole month or two of it.

I just can't believe how quickly things went to heck.

I think we all were expecting the miserable weather to come and go but it really is hanging on.

  • • •

Last week was a busy one at home and though I really debated about weaning my calves, I went ahead as planned. The corral is a mess but when I looked at the long-term weather forecast, I didn't think there was a lot of hope that it was going to improve.

Mother Nature sure can really mess with us

Well, I hope all of you who were complaining about the drought and the heat are happy now! Me, not so much!

I realize the rain was needed but we didn't need to have so much at one time and it did not need to drop the temperature so much. Mother Nature can really mess with us.

We really shouldn't complain, I suppose, as there are farmers in the west who haven't even been able to pull their combines out yet and many are on hold because of too much snow.

This is seriously hard on a person.

There's always lots of chores around the farm

What a weekend! Sun, rain, and some crazy winds to dry things up again.

At my house, we had just over one inch of rain but I've heard some had as much as two inches. Normally that would keep me from cutting the lawn but with the strong winds and dry conditions, I was able to tackle that.

I also finished one deck but then ran out of stain so that chore stays on the list.

September busy time for farmers

Here we go moving right into the middle of September! We always talk about how quickly the month of August disappears but I think the same can be said about September.

We have a jam-packed list so the days rush right on by.

A good number of farmers are a part of Twitter these days and I find comfort in reading everyone's post about the long list of work to be accomplished before the next season arrives. I'm lucky because my dad (when he's not busy) will come and haul a load or two of manure.

Sad to see summer go

September has arrived. Although I love fall (if it is warm and dry), I'm still a bit sad that summer is over. Time just passes us by.

I just had three days off and I still didn't accomplish all that I wanted. I always wonder, “Is it just me or do others feel this way, as well?”

People have told me to celebrate what you did accomplish and not dwell on what you didn't do. I am trying. I think we just put more pressure on ourselves at this time of the year because we know the number of workable days is drawing to an end.

Hope nice weather is not behind us

Well, we finally got the rain that everyone was wishing for.

From what I understand the amount varied along with nasty wind and hail. Over the weekend we received 58mm at EARS and 33mm at home.

We also had more wind and hail in Emo and at the sales barn on Saturday night, neither of which does us any good.

I am hearing reports of no power, roofs off sheds and trees broken off everywhere.

We had a few of our hops plants broke off. It is near harvest, so we will just pull the hops off.

Very proud of all our 4-H members

Well, that week went fast.

On Friday, we thought we were going to melt at the Emo Fair it was so hot, but it stayed pretty darn decent on Saturday for the 4-H show.

We had some large classes so as our show grows like this, it takes a lot more time to complete. How exciting is that!

Our judge, Mark Angus, complimented our cattle and show over his two days of viewing.

In our Open Beef Show, we had 31 Jack-Pot Heifers! The 4-H show saw 22 heifers and 33 steers—likely one of the largest shows ever!

Long list heading into Emo Fair week

It's the Emo Fair week and I have such a big list, although I'm reminding myself that it is more important for Maddie and Marlee to have exhibits to display—not me.

They are crafting like crazy.

I'm sure every year we tell ourselves that we will try and not leave all this stuff until the last week. Yet here we are—leaving it to the last week again. We have until today (Wednesday) and that seems like a decent amount of time, but there is so much to do besides craft and make stuff.