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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

'Catch the Ace' jackpot finally goes

The big news of the weekend is the fact that Richard Norman “caught” the ace of spade on Friday night to win a total of $21,711.20.

Though we felt a bit disappointed that Round # 5 of the weekly draw was over, we had a goal that we wanted to give someone in our community more than $20,000 and we made it!

Personally, I would like to take a break for a couple of months from organizing the “Catch the Ace” but we are not all on that same page so stay tuned!

Ready to get back on track

And here we go . . . back to normal! The first full week of work for 2019.

It was a snowy start to the week but it sounds like Thunder Bay was hit harder. No complaints on my end although the snow we did get was heavy so be careful shovelling.

I am ready to get back on track this week. I have a big list of jobs and now have to be better organized with my time. I'm aiming to stick tight to my plan of not letting myself get behind.

Getting set for calving season

Monday marked the last day for me to feed cows in 2018—just six months until green grass!

The cows are enjoying their last month of freedom as calves will begin arriving around the middle of February.

My boyfriend/partner has been packing the yard a bit since the horrible wet fall made for some very frozen tractor ruts. Once things are smoothed out, we will get the windbreaks in place and by the end of this month, the cows will be moved into the yard.

It's time for me to unload some stuff

I finally got through my entire house and cleaned up a pile of dust—all the while realizing I really need to unload some stuff!

I have stuff packed away all over the place and this means I am not using it! So I think it is time for a garage sale.

The trouble is, I have so many special things that people have giving me over my years that it's hard to part with some of this stuff. I live in a fairly big house, and mostly alone, but I have every closet full and most of the basement. Crazy!

So when I say, “I really need nothing for Christmas,” it is really the truth!

Cattle certainly enjoyed the milder weather

By Monday of next week, everyone will be settling in to celebrate the Christmas season. I just hope I'm ready and still not looking for that special gift.

I really enjoy gift-giving—provided I have that perfect idea for that person on my list. Meanwhile, my family is frustrated with me in that I have no suggestions on what I would like.

The fact is, I'm pretty fortunate to have very few wants. Most days my wish would be “time” and that is something money can't buy.

Christmas season has begun

I attended my first Christmas party of the season last week! It was a great night but certainly made me think that the time is ticking away.

I also attended a Christmas concert in the Barwick Heritage Church and it was incredibly beautiful. As soon as you walked in, you could smell and feel the wood heat!

There was no electricity but the candles and solar lights were the perfect touch—and the Mennonite carollers were top-notch!

Block heater woes gave me quite the scare

I may come off as rough and tough and hard to bluff but the truth is I worry about a lot.

As soon as I start feeding hay, I worry I won't have enough. As soon as there is snow on the ground, I worry the cows will lay down and get on their back. When I hear an ambulance, I always wonder where my family is.

I have an older barn so I always worry about a barn fire, especially when I start calving and you are using the lights more and have animals in the barn.

It's time to get into Christmas mode

One month from now, we will just be working on the leftovers from our Christmas meal. So I'd better get organized—and fast.

Every year my intentions are to be organized and to have things all dialed in. Alas, once again, I am a long way from that. I partially can blame it on the fact that I have not been feeling good at all and my energy levels run out long before all my work plans for the day are completed.

Transition to winter has been difficult

I guess my hopes of having a surprise “Indian summer” has past. And for some reason, this transition period to winter is difficult.

It seems like you just cannot put on enough clothes (I'm certain I won't feel this cold in the middle of January or February).

The sun was shining on Saturday but we darn near froze!

I decided we should tackle the job of vaccinating and de-worming the cow herd. When I fed the cows last Wednesday, a fair way from the barn, I was thinking, “I wonder if I should feed this round closer to home?” I didn't.

Long day at cattle sale on Saturday

Another cattle sale is behind us and I honestly can say it was a tough weekend. It seemed whatever could go wrong did—maybe even times two!

I finally crawled into my bed Sunday after 4 a.m. and I was still feeling it by Monday. Luckily, everything was fixed, solved, and moved when we left but it was a long time getting there.

Why you may be thinking? We don't know—I guess we just were due for some challenges. We are so fortunate to have staff that are so dedicated and hang in there until the bitter end.