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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

A messy spring on the way

Here we are; the end of March! And what a month it has been. I hope this finds you all well and still staying home. I am really wanting to believe that us “rural” folk are much smarter about obeying the rules than those in the larger urban centres. I hear people complaining about the essential and non-essential list, but the bottom line is; if we would have listened, followed the rules and stayed home they wouldn't have had to make the list! Stay home, if not for the health and safety of your own family - do it for others.


I am not sure about the rest of you, but I was not so happy to see the fresh, blowing snow. I was enjoying the slow loss of snow and looking forward to less ice in the yard. I fell twice this morning because all the snow did was cover up the skating rink below. I know this will pass and there are much more bigger issues at the time.


I am hoping that the nasty wind that appeared March 1 counts as “March coming in like a lion” and things are only going to be better from here. I can't really complain though because really the weather has been pretty decent. Calving has been steady, and I have appreciated my cows not all calving at one time! Number 26 arrived a few minutes ago so we are getting there. I guess if I could have one complaint it would be that a few of my older cows have been taking their own sweet time to calve. It always seems to be when you just wish you were in bed.

Early signs of spring

Well a lot has happened since the last week of “Moos!“ Calving is in full swing and as I write this, I am up to 17. Yesterday I had a cow calving and I like to always see the feet coming and in the right direction. Though I couldn't see to much, I was a little suspicious. I sat on a bale of hay and thought maybe I should just give her some time. I just had that feeling that I needed to check her. I tied her up and examined her and sure enough - backwards! But at least there were feet sometimes they come bum first and that is a tough job finding feet and getting them in position.


I am hoping that everyone enjoyed their “Family Day!” I know some wee busy working, as it isn't a holiday for everyone. The weather was decent so at least everyone might be able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air!

A weekend of sunshine

It was a great weekend to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. Although I spent a lot of Saturday filling up hay feeders, it was still enjoyable to be outside. Sunday was great. I went for a snowmobile ride and for the first time in my 50 years, I made it to Abbott Lake. It is just a little lake North of my place. I have tried to get there in the past and had no luck. As a kid I always remembered my great Uncles chatting about it. The lake had just a few animal tracks, and other than that it was just a nice little quiet place in the middle of the bush. It was great.

Perils of uneven ground

My cows are moved home and into the calving yard. We are 10 days from the official due date. My biggest worry right now is the fact the wet fall didn't allow for the work to be completed to level off the yard. There are some humps and bumps and when these cows are nine months pregnant, you don't want them laying on unlevel surfaces. If they lay to far over there is a chance, they won't be able to get up. They may only last 15 minutes like this so if you don't find them in time, you have a dead cow. It is the most frustrating thing.


Well as I started this month my calendar didn't look that busy, but it sure seems like it has been a whirlwind. The thing that keeps getting put off my list is the housework. The darn stuff waits for you. It won't be happening this week either, as I am out of town early in the week and then attending the Mental Health First Aid Course at the end of the week.

My schedule for February (at this point) looks clear since I am to spend most of my time with my cows. Though I planned to move them home this weekend, I didn't.

Mental health course soon approaching

I was expecting it to be so cold this morning and Roxee wasn't too impressed with me as we trucked along one of our cow trails to be sure they had a good night. It was cold, but what a beautiful view with frost in the air, snow on the trees and the sun shining. Today is a feeding day for me and though I don't have the biggest herd in the district it takes a fair bit of time to get the frozen twine off the bales and the hay distributed around. This will likely be my last feeding of the cows in the bush. My calving date is not until Feb.