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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Surprise birthday bash unforgettable

The middle of September has arrived and if we are lucky, we might even get back in our fields by the end of the week.

The forecast has changed a million times, so I have decided to just not check it.

We sure need good weather and for so many reasons. This weekend I will be bringing all my cattle home, checking and weighing calves. It will be a challenge.

The wet grass makes it challenging for cattle to gain weight—the fact is there is just too much water in the material they are consuming.

Another successful cattle sale

Okay, I was stressed last week with the weather, so I won't even tell you how I am feeling this week and with the forecast the way it is now. Honestly, please refrain from telling me: “How great it is to have rain now!”

  • • •

We had another successful cattle sale on Saturday! We sold 839 head for $1,063,870.53.

A smaller sale to start our fall run is sure nice to get us back in the swing of things again.

Most of these animals were yearlings that are off to a feedlot for some quick feed and then off to slaughter.

This weather isn't funny anymore

Okay, so we need some good weather. This isn't funny anymore.

I have never had my cereal plots in the field waiting to harvest in September.

I am kicking myself that I didn't come into work over the weekend, but it is hard because I certainly have things to do at home as well.

Sometimes it just feels like you can't win. I know I shouldn't complain, it could be worse.

At EARS it is my job to work on these plots, so I will get a pay cheque no matter but on the farm, this weather is costly.

Great weekend at Dryden fair

Here we are—the last week of August!

Wishing Lisa Teeple a very happy 60th birthday.

On this dreary morning, listening to the weather forecast with the potential of receiving way too much rain, I am questioning whether I should have packed up cows and girls and headed to the Dryden fair! But we did and it was a great weekend.

At our own fair you, have much more to look after—food booth, other exhibits, 4-H show, etc., so Dryden is quite relaxing.

Steer auction 'smoking hot'

What a weekend! I was really hoping the rain would hold off until the races were over on Saturday night but that didn't happen!

We really wondered what to do for our steer auction and thought hard about setting up inside the barn, but we all looked at our weather apps and decided to stay outside.

We had a smoking hot auction as well. I strongly believe we live in one of the most supportive communities.

It is such a great feeling to watch the 4-H members get rewarded for their efforts with their market steers.

Can't believe the Emo Fair is here

Well, I am having a hard time to believe this, but it is the Emo Fall Fair Week!

I can honestly say that I have nothing ready—other than the cattle, I guess. I don't have one entry made!

I will be working extra over-time these next couple of days to be able to pull things off.

We have been so busy working with cattle and getting the girls' 4-H books finished that there just hasn't been slack time.

We have had such great weather that it is hard to sit inside and craft!

Fall is starting to move our way

What an amazing long weekend! The weather was great.

I know, I heard a lot of complaints about how hot it was, but haven't you noticed the cooler evening.

Fall is starting to move our way. Another sure sign is the fact the Emo Fair is just two weeks away.

Maddie and Marlee have been doing their best to get out and work with their animals in between their other commitments.

Their animals are doing well. It is a lot of work getting animals ready for the fair.

I think it looks like a lot of fun, but they don't get ready over night.

Soil, crop tour, open house go well

Well, we are in cleanup mode after a busy couple of days with guests that were in for our soil and crop tour and open house.

The weather co-operated in one way that we were just finishing at our last stop at Philip Krahn's before we had a display of thunder, lightning and rain.

This also meant there were many people baling hay, so they missed out on our day.

Those who are done baling were off on a holiday! Lucky people.

We had a small bit of rain before we toured our plots and a few drops while out there, but it turned out well!

Open house, crop tour tomorrow

This is the week that we work hard to make things presentable!

Our open house and crop tour is this Thursday. I really hope you are considering coming and exploring the district and our plots.

We have a bunch of guests coming for the University of Guelph and Ministry of Ag & Food. The vice-president of research will be here! This is a big deal.

Farming has its ups and downs

I can't believe we are already into the middle of July! Time is ticking away quickly.

We were just commenting this morning at EARS on how we certainly have had quite a stretch of hot weather. (We are not complaining.)

The crops are looking decent. Pretty much the heads are all out on all the now. The canola is nearing the end of the pretty yellow flowers.

We still have a fair share of weeds to deal with. It isn't always a good idea to try and deal with weeds when the plants are stressed from excessive heat (or moisture).