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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Time to vaccinate

I am sure we all felt the same about the snow that arrived Thursday and Friday last week.

I came to work on Friday am to find a huge drift along the south side of the building. This is the entrance, of course. If it

wasn't for the fact we had a grazing seminar with Steve Kenyon on Friday, I think I would have turned around and went back home.

Funny thing was, I had been walking past the shovel thinking I should put that away but also thought that would probably jinx me.

'Black Bettie' has some competition

Though these dreary days are hard to get excited about, the rain is taking away the snow at least.

The barn yard is a wet, greasy mess. THE worst time of the year to have cattle in a contained area.

Most people try and sacrifice an area to get them into clean ground. I am planning to do that myself, but I would like to give them their first round of vaccine's and wait for the land to dry just a bit more.

We will see how long I can hold off, but I really hate to see them dirty.

Optimism high this time of year

April 1st! This is a busy month. Many farmers will be busy with calving and preparing for the spring land work.

Equipment will be getting the tune up it needs, fertilizer will be spread, and seed will be planted soon in hopes of a great season ahead.

Optimism is at its highest at this point. We tend to compare last year to relate to this year—“Last year was a bit of challenge, so this year should be great?” Who knows?

It has been said, later Easters result in later springs. Could be? The snow is receding, but it is pretty cool yet, not ideal for much growth.

Some jobs to finish at abattoir

It already is the last week of March! My how time flies right along.

It sounds like our weather could be a bit cooler but how about that sunshine last week! No complaints I bet.

Last week was my first official week back at the Emo Agricultural Research Station but I chose to stay home and work. I hosted the “Profitable Pastures” webinar on Tuesday and it was a very worthwhile event.

I normally have pretty good Internet here at home but I was nervous that as soon as I had people over to watch this webinar, it wouldn't work. Fortunately, all went well.

March Break fun enjoyed by all

Well, March Break is over and the weather really wasn't so bad for everyone to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

The sun feels so incredible at this time of the year.

I was fortunate to spend a good part of the March Break with some kids. Maddie and Marlee were out and they had their cousin along. As well, the twins from Dryden and some neighbour kids all were gathering and enjoying country life at its best.

From farming to sliding to crafting (you name it), it seemed like we all had a good time.

Coyotes are too close for comfort

I'm sure most of us still are dragging our butts a bit after the change to Daylight Savings Time on Sunday. I know I really didn't want to give up an hour of sleep when I'm not getting a whole lot as it is.

Fortunately, I only have three cows left to calve so I easily can watch them on the barn cameras. But with this weather (deep, wet snow, then wind, and rather frosty conditions on Monday morning), I feel better checking on the calves in person.

Cold weather hard on calves

I am so looking forward to warmer days. It doesn't even have to be summer—just warmer!

Even when the temperatures are a bit better, we still have a cold wind.

I honestly can say this has been my most worrisome weather for calving. I always have cold weather but normally there is a break in there. This year, however, there hasn't been much of a break.

My cows have calved very fast. As I write this, I'm only waiting on six (one of them won't be for a while but the other five are fairly close).

Calves have been coming steady

This winter certainly has been a tough one. Cold and when it's not cold, we get snow.

Be sure to check your roofs! It Temiskaming District, they are having barns collapse frequently. In Thunder Bay, a new dairy barn that the cattle had been in for just three weeks also collapsed.

I think we have less snow, and maybe we've had enough wind or warmer weather to have less on our roofs, but still take the time to check them!

  • • •

Calves have been coming steady. On Sunday in that lovely wind, I had five.

The highs and lows of calving

I'm hoping everyone enjoyed their Family Day weekend! It was a little on the cool side but the sun certainly shone brightly.

I was lucky to have Maddie spend most of the weekend with me. We were fairly busy with calves and she really wanted to try and get up through the night with me to test it out but I didn't wake her.

She made it to the 10 p.m. check, then I let her sleep until the next morning.

Cows are getting closer to calving

The cows are getting closer now to calving so I've had to increase my trips to the barn.

On Monday, I planned to get another larger area ready so I can put multiple cows in if I don't have enough room right in the barn.

Meanwhile, the three calves that I already have need to get out of the barn now. They are busy bouncing around and need to get outside and do that!