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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

New Years workload

Happy 2020 everyone! I hope that everyone rolled into the New Year with ease. I celebrated with my nieces and a friend. We snowmobiled, played some cards, crafted and drank A & W Root Beer out of wine glasses.

We did make it until midnight - well, I am not sure Maddie did, but the rest of us did. I have been hearing we are going to experience some colder weather this week so I am hoping that will bring the sun out!

Moos from the herd

Like I say every year - we spend so much time, planning, cleaning, organizing, shopping, cooking and eating and Christmas is over in a blink of an eye. If we could just slow down the time. I hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday no matter what! Really until now the weather was pretty good for people travelling around. Mother Nature decided it was time to remind us of how she can slow things down for us and there is a good amount of snow that will be getting pushed around over the next couple of days.

We need more relaxing nights

I am counting on a less busy week this week.

Last week was jammed pack with lots of running from concerts, to hockey, meetings, shopping and every spare hour putting up Christmas lights. I was preparing for a house party on Saturday night.

I finally finished them on Friday and began getting indoors ready.

Christmas decorating deadline coming up fast

Well, silly me is still working on putting up my outdoor lights. It looks like I might have some cold fingers this week.

I haven't even started anything inside my house, other than a project that my boyfriend/partner and Marlee tackled on Sunday.

I do have a deadline of Saturday since I am hosting a Christmas party! It all seems like a good idea—right.

  • • •

We attended a Christmas party on Saturday night with my boyfriend/partner's crew.

It was a really nice night and great to see all everyone.

Consider giving to Christmas appeal

Oh my, December has arrived!

I aim to have my outside Christmas lights ready to go for Dec. 1. I have nothing up and ready to go.

I would skip doing it, but I enjoy that part. The worst part is I am out of town most of this week, so I won't be working on it during the week.

The good part is we vaccinated and dewormed the cow herd this weekend so that job is behind us!

It went very well, and I think we finished in record time.

Mild temperatures not helping

I realize we wouldn't be happy if it was minus-40 right now but these mild temperatures are not helping the messy conditions we have below this little bit of snow.

The little bit of frost we had is gone.

I would like to move my cattle feeding area, but I hate to make any more ruts that I already have.

I guess I will be moving them at their next feeding this week.

I will feed closer to the home yard since this weekend is our deworming, vaccination weekend.

Abattoir AGM was successful

The sun was bright and warm on Saturday and much of our snow cover was lost and the slippery driveways have returned.

Maddie came rushing out of the house to join me in the tractor and wiped out pretty good which causes me some concern since my broken-hipped Dad is off to a doctor's appointment today.

He is hoping for some news that he can't start returning some weight on his leg.

He won't have to worry that he is carrying in extra weight since he is mostly a bone rack.

Annual report will be shorter this year

I am hoping that everyone took the time to attend a Remembrance Day Service on Monday to honour all those that have fought for us and are still doing this.

It is difficult to complain about the cold day when you think of all that these men and women have been through.

My great-uncle, Charlie, survived war, but he spoke very little of his time there and we respected that it was something that he didn't want to discuss.

  • • •

I have been working on putting together my EARS report for the year.

Still plenty to do at EARS

November has arrived and, unfortunately, so has some snow.

Things ended up getting very busy last week with the cooler temperatures.

Combines were running, manure was getting spread and some field work was accomplished.

Of course, it is never enough time and we were all hoping and wishing for “just a few more days!”

It was cold enough last week that some soybeans were harvested, but unfortunately at EARS, they were harvested by our four-legged friends, so we just chopped off the straw that remained.

RRFA put on a fun night

The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture (RRFA) held their annual meeting and entertainment night on Saturday.

For those of you who didn't attend, you missed out on a great night.

The group is working hard to update and create it as a fun night out!

The had a very quick business meeting and then the fun started.

This year they held a photo contest. RRFA had them displayed beautifully.

It was great to see all the photos from across our district.

The winners were Tracy Haglin, Pam Wilson, and Kelly Teeple.