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By Tim Sullivan The Associated Press

Activists fight North Korea with balloons, DVDs and leaflets

SEOUL, Korea, Republic Of — Some send up plastic leaflets that weigh less than a feather and flutter down from the clouds with calls for democracy or blurry cartoons ridiculing North Korea’s ruler. Some send flash drives loaded with South Korean soap operas, or mini-documentaries about the vast wealth of Southern corporations, or crisp new U.S. dollar bills.

Why the torrent of N. Korean weapons? Maybe the US elections

Over the past 10 months, the young ruler of North Korea has ordered an unprecedented torrent of weapons tests, forging an increasingly sophisticated arsenal. There have been truck-launched missile tests, two nuclear explosions, experiments with powerful rocket engines and more than a dozen other major missile trials.

Almost diplomacy: US ex-officials, N. Koreans quietly meet

Officially, the United States and North Korea barely speak to each other, their communications often limited to public exchanges of insults.

The U.S. ambassador in Seoul is “a villain, a crazy person,” a North Korean diplomat says. North Korea is a “wasteland” compared to South Korea, President Obama tells the United Nations.