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Summer reporter

Speakers share thoughts on Pride

It wasn't just the sizeable attendance at the Fort Frances Civic Centre that had an impact in this years' inaugural “Passport to Pride” march and Pride Week.

The speeches made during the flag ceremony, as well as online, by local community leaders and members, and by Canadian dignitaries, showed the impact that Pride celebrations have in even the smallest communities.

'Relay' might get second wind here

After a decline in participation over the years, it looked as though this year's “Relay for Life” would be the last one here.

But it seems the possibility of no longer holding the annual cancer fundraiser fired up a few teams—and brought forth new volunteers for next year's committee.

“A lot of people said, 'Well, that's terrible,'” noted lead organizer Monica Sus.

Modern pow-wow keeps tradition alive

The “pow-wow trail” has been a very popular summer event for many people—and for a very long time.

Almost every weekend, from the beginning of June until the end of August, a pow-wow can be found within the district, with colourful and intricate regalia, drummers that instantly catch your attention, and very generous feasts.

But what is a pow-wow and why are they held?